How many times do we hear "african" Americans say

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Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:00 pm

:evil: This really bugz me coz half these artists aint even been in africa b4. At every single concert "African" American artists spit how they hav finaly come home and that were al brothers wat wat wat. Oh please...

Oh and after being on stage for a meer 10 minutes JaRule has the ordasity to say that he's the King of Africa and that all Africans worship him?

WOW, could've fooled me coz now he wouldnt dare to breathe a sound of dat ish knowing very well no one here buyz his ish...

Yeah just a thot. Holla on wat u think.... peace! :wink:
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Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:14 pm

Good point, but you have used the worse examples. It's not as if Ja Rule is the most concious Black artist. I didnt know he represent all Black musicians LOL

About artist from the US who say they are "home" as you put it, its also true that whenever a Hip Hop artist express interest in performing in Africa, many Africans say how good it to see more Black artist come to the motherland. So it goes both ways...

And as far as Im concerned I dont lose sleep over it.
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