LO LO Vs IMF-Dick ridin Ho

Never ending cyphers since 2002


Lo Lo
Joined:Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:38 pm

Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:29 am

Aay yo Idiot Muffing Faggot. Lets do this shit.

2 Rounds. U post, I post, U post, I post and then we let everybody decide. U should spit a max of 20 Bars bitch.

Is u man enuff???
Junior Member
Joined:Fri Nov 25, 2005 10:37 am

Fri Dec 09, 2005 12:57 pm

Hey bro

i gotta some joint fo ya (sorry iam not invited here but get this rhyme)

Have you ever met the only Son that never sets /· the only One who can make sure hell is what the devil gets?/ · Better yet, let’s run a credit check/ · Who gets glory for history and where’s all His credit at?/ · The Word of God will tell the truth and hush the liar · and introduce you to the only Justifier/ · You must admire the Maker of the Earth, wind and plus the fire/ · Had grave clothes but now rocks the plush attire/ · White robes that glow dipped in blood · He’s forever got the holes to show that it was love /· Kid, it’s bugged · too wonderful for me · outlandish · even if I had more legs I couldn’t stand it /· Man His love is easily taken for granted · Take a look around the planet /· yo, sin is rampant · Stamp it condemned, blood shed is now demanded /· The Bible’s like a camera · it’s candid /· A man did just that · died to pay for sins so what that means if we trust that King? /· It puts us back into relationship /· Check the grace we kick · Love Him or leave Him check just take your pick /· God’s waiting with patience, if you want salvation, His amazing gift · can save you even if you’re atheist /· WE LAUGH NOW AND WE LAUGH FIRST BUT ITS ONLY THROUGH CHRIST THAT WE CAN LAUGH PAST THE BLACK HEARSE.

Now this is 'love' you gotta take broh............... nothing can get us off the hook than "Jesus Christ"
Senior Member
Joined:Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:56 am

Sat Dec 10, 2005 5:38 am

cool mr . man.........

Oohh ya finally got guts ta step-up, but yer victory will fit nicely in a casket)

I'l toss so many punches , dat yer conselation prize will be a " Crazy Check ")

LO !, I have ta give it to ya!~ it takes a " REAL CHILD " ta disrespect this " ELDERLY ONE ")

some like ta disceplen wit da ROD?~ WELL Im a GOD frum da streets, CHESTIZIN wit mi gun)

my DOMINATE MEATHPORES got ya stun, like a NERD who'z confronted when Scurred)

ya Paralyzed from ya MUGSHOT-on-Down, like the UGLIEST FELON Impared)

for a " Maam-Sir ", ya bringz CONFUSION, in a male dominated competion)

I wont discriminate or be a MALE CHAUVINIST, when it's YOUR blood on the battlefeild Spillin)

I'l castrate your Pre-OP " MEMBER " , then " RETURN-TA-SENDER " all 3inches to ya family members)

LO LO is demented in HAGGz-DRAG, like a TWISTED SISTER)

DUDE !, you aint HARDCORE, wit heavy traces of " MAPLE KOOLAID " in ya DNA!)

I'l empty so many slugz from my AK, dat ya Plasma would donate Lemonaid :P )

then Il sweep da rest ov yer remains & line ya up like CAIN to Foreplay)

treat ya like a bio-degradable , & dump yo ashy-ass in an ashtrays)

even if I was horny wit a Lot-Of-Cash!, I wouldnt invest in dat TRICK)

I most likly get a kick, if I clock ya weave SICK , wit an alley Brick)

ya might be packin da biggest Nuttz~ but ya still a PUNK wit a masqurading Cunt)

LO LO agianst da IMF, keps gettin smoked QUICKER , than a Roach-Size'd Blunt)

you treat this like a TEA PARTY~ but after I dance all ova ya DEAD BODY, is when da pary gets Crunk)

Il promise to keep yer MELLON alive, for old times sakes, so I can Feild Goal Punt :lol:

round one dude......
Lo Lo
Joined:Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:38 pm

Sat Dec 10, 2005 2:41 pm

Round one!! Aaight Nigga, Check it:

Ayy yo IMF, its funny how u claim u God's son!!

When your own folks think you're their shameful lost son!!

I connect ill sentences - although Im hungover,

Your shit aint makin sense even though your ass is sober!!

Ive seen all ya posts - all u got is gay talk.

You're a thug with a water gun thats always safe-locked!!

Your talk is all rough - as though u fuck with bin laden!!

Nigga please, u got a manicure, your legs are clean shaven!!

Its amazin how u beefin when u got chicken legs...

U battle me with spits about the stuff your momma said!!

You're as wack as a hillbilly singing soul music,

As lame as tryin to penetrate - when your dick's flaccid!!

Your thoughts are those of lill chicken headed ballerinas,

Your flows are as monsterous as ants and catapillers,

You enter dog fights - with a multise poodle.

U as twisted as a fresh cup of 2 minute noodles.

You hold your crotch as if your dick's lost in ur pubics,

Or is u fuckin jerkin it - because u fuckin losin,

I heard from ya lady that she call it lil Twiggie

Its a shame when ur shorty use your dick as a toothpick
Senior Member
Joined:Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:56 am

Sun Dec 11, 2005 12:06 am

whuteva STD Breath......................

LO LO ....aka........J-LO on testoseroneLOL

Im all ammo'D-Up & ready for WAR, while ya off-Guard, takin bows, & waiting for anchors)

if ya lookin fo a break in "SOAP OPERAz "~ then whut duh Fukk ya Postin Battles for?! :idea:

da feds done fax'd LO's " X'ed-FILES " to da Department of Missing Whores :o

From Milk Cartons to Missing " AMBER " Alerts done made LO LO da talk of Wal-Mart stores :D

Il dice & slice your " small talk " inta Bittz & Kibbles, jest to belittle you)

instead of ya backin up ya " GANSTA BIATCH SKILLZ ", ya watered down like da Mainstream Skool :o

instead of " Keepin it Real ", ya timing is off like dat " Time-Of-The-Month" additude :wink:

ya step to this Pimp " OFF-COURSE " ! , I'l biatch smack ya all ova this Global Latittude)

ya losing Altittude!, from mi stompin ya from da Moon THROUGH da Earth Size Crater :lol:

instead of a LO LO RESSURRECTION, HELL-DIRECTION is where ya goin from this Undertaker 8)

no mo femenist tupperware Orgy's & sweaty 360 pounds sistas of EXTRA RumpshakerS :D

Im a end ya " FINAL CHAPTURE " as afro-hiphop's 1st HARMORPHADITE in the " Life-After " :s hock:

Instead of makin the BOOK OF LIFE, you became a STAR, as a Harlot " COURT JESTER :o

back in the day you had a Butchly figure, Now ya CONFESSING R&B FANTICIES like Usher)

you aint HARDCORE like EVE, jest another " NO DOUBT " like Gwen Sta-fanny)

Instead of being a CHUMP like dem chimps, ya a PANZY fo ya homies :idea:

INSTEAD of LO-ho claming VICTORY~ her legacy is all over bathroom walls under: R.I.P.

Il have her hanging with Elvis, caus they BOTH work good together in Stealing

Instead of LO LO spittin like a def dame, she's " Platinum Bound "for the HALL OF SHAME)

your " DICK RYDER VOTES " earn ya " 5 NEGATIVE MIC'S " for skillz so Lame :wink:
Lo Lo
Joined:Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:38 pm

Sun Dec 11, 2005 1:48 am

Aaight Nigga!! Round two. Check it:

You're a man of big words, for your 7th grade talk.

U get high from root beer and a snort of white chalk!!

Uz a wallabee who spends time on tea and salt biscuits,

U got a lot of balls for a nigga who is dickless.

You're as useless as the rubble left from the twin towers,

U dat Gold member wigga that I saw in Austin powers?

Cuz all your fuckin yappin's fuckin queer to my ear,

U shuld stick to drag queening with your gay golden gear.

U say Im watered down like a mainstream school,

Funny how u say that and u cant even spell, fool!!!

The only shit that u talk about is mu'fuckin homos,

and sexual diseases, is there somethin that we dont know?

U talk a lot of bling for a kat with no digits,

So please do us all a favour, just fuckin quit it,

This aint the fuckin John's, its a place for real spittin

This is not for toilet humor, cause u fuckin bullshittin.

U dig yourself a grave and call yourself underground,

U whole motion's as retarted as a three legged hound.

You're a cartoon kat, thats why you use emoticons,

U should stick to chuckin flows with mini me's and leprechauns!!!
Lo Lo
Joined:Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:38 pm

Sun Dec 11, 2005 1:52 am

What up Kwest!! Holla at any time.

Lo Lo
Joined:Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:38 pm

Sun Dec 11, 2005 2:00 pm

Aay IMF. I think we shuld kick one more round before the peeps decide.

I Hope ur not chicken, cuz I really am enjoyin killin ya.
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