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Next project poppin of from AndahGround Soundz is a collaboration between M.O.A (Kwame Andah) and his childhood confidant Latson (Late Lawson) from Lvolution Productions, called REBEL POETRY. Peep their bio below and check out:


to sample new tracks. The revolution will be televised!



JMNI (pronounced gem-in-eye)

Kwame Andah aka M.O.A (Minista Of Agrikulcha) was born December 6th, on a military base in Accra, Ghana. His mother was a Major in the Ghanaian Armed Forces and his father the equivalent of a secretary of Agriculture. In Dec 1981, there was a bloody coup which overthrew the regime his father worked for (Liman) causing his family to flee to bordering Togo, Nigeria and then to the Ivory Coast.

Not speaking a lick of french, he attended 3 francophone institutions (La Pipiniere,La Farandole, and Jean Mermoze) in Abidjan prior to joining The International Community School Of Abidjan (aka ICSA) where he was happy to be around english speaking people. At this time, he got into hiphop and was known to emcee parties at the International Friendship Center and even bust a rhyme or two. It was there he met Late, as part of rival crews and would often battle each other dansing.

He left Ivory Coast (early 90's) for boarding school in Egypt, UK, France, Malta then returned to Ghana where he did his O-Level examination before leaving for the United States of America. In Philadelphia, he attended St. Joseph's University and graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems. It was here in Philly, that he recorded, mixed and mastered the AMBASSADOZ album TRAVELWISE on no budget and a second hand labtop. After wrapping up this project, he teamed up with his childhood confidant Latson, who happened to be in Philly to record JMNI's debut album REBEL POETRY.

Franck Late Lawson aka Latson was born in Lome to a Togolese father and a Liberian mother. He lived in several different countries, moved from town to town, continent to continent, seeking education in different school systems. He embraced the Ivorian culture in his teenage years, where he met rhyming partner Kwame Andah aka M.O.A, and his heart remains deeply in touch with Cote D'Ivoire where his parents are still living.

Late graduated from CEFAM (French management school, Temple University, and Art Institute of Philadelphia) with degrees in International management, marketing, Multimedia and web design. While studying in France, Trinitro got involved with rapping and producing. He produced several French hip hop albums, currently focusing on the production and engineering for REBEL POETRY -the JMNI album with MOA.

But dont let his calm demeanor fool you, this cat holds black belts in Viet Vo Dao (traditional Vietnamese martial art) and TaeKwonDo (Korean Olympic martial art), and is the current Assistant coach for Temple university men and women TaekwonDo team. Not only is he in the hall of fame of the Northeast TaeKwonDo Collegiate League, but has also won several national and international tournaments in Judo and taekwondo in Ivory Coast, France, and the US.

All his international experience gave him a strong ability to adapt to and understand different environments, making him a true citizen of the world as he likes to proclaim himself.
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