Round Two----->Nash

Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Tue Feb 05, 2002 11:01 pm

You get thrown in the trash, ashy nasty getttin passed like notes in class


you choke and gasp off the smoke and ash and flows of gas

And broken glass can open gashes to close the casket

Exposed to

acid and explosions blast get blown to fragments

Fuck the jokes and laughin, Im makin the losers weep

The scripts I write

is food for thought, your scripts are food for me

I'll cruise your street, pickin fights and smackin domes with golf


Bitch I write the shit your "piece of art" was broken off of

Throats get coughed up, have you wishin like orphans of


Fuck wastin time at high school kid I was born in the pros

Im the thorn on the rose, the poison in that pretty


The muffler fixture below the bumper stickers demoting city smog

The grain of sand in the complex machine, sabotage


Gainin land cause you cant see me but feel me like back massages

Fuck the pretty players, I aint never gotten head in

the past

Thats cause Im yet to meet a bitch thats got the neck of giraffes

Got you Sweatin like Keith, reppin my streets,

the Flow is nautious

Try harder, you wont ever get me runnin like broken faucets

Hoe get off it, a couple more words gonna

get her popped

Why try? Im time, the one thing on Earth that will never stop...wut!!!!! u caint touch this nugga!!!! im

still waitin for a response biyaatch. [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img]
Nashty Nash
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Wed Feb 06, 2002 1:36 am

Round Two? Naw, more like Round One again cause you're just asking for a


I'd rather be raw when I'm battlin Tan-za-nite//spittin da type of ish that'll separate his hands 'n

feet//Nash no longer jokes - he's done turned ruthless//lets see how many "rhymes" you kick when you're "footless"//You

said it yourself - "your scripts are food for me"//Well my "food" is laced wit the blood from "H-I-V"//So you're results are

"positve" that his death you'll share//Now you lips are shriveled - and you slowly losin your hair//I was in mid-battle when

you came at me talkin ish//now I done stopped talkin - now Nash's barkin ish!//I speaks the language of the dead - and the

langage of the dead-to-be//the only language you probably speak is your tribal Swahili//Habari gani? probably not well since

you're "throwin up-words"//I'm rainin "down" on ya and yous only flowin "upwards"//cause your petty little verses carry no

weight at all//9.8 meters per second is the rate you fall//for you high-school cats thats the acceleration of gravity//Nash

won't bury you tho - he'll empty your body cavity//smoke it dry for a while then post you on da wall//with a label

underneath sayin "defeated in a friendly brawl"//you pose no threat at all// - gettin f-up like blackmen in federal

courts//yous just an annoying itch like genital warts//you're "frozen" in these lyrics so press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reset//this

lyrical "furnace" never sleeps - I keep da "heat-set"//pronouncing galatical syllables and the verbs are cosmic too//your

punchlines are just weak comedy from Comic View//you flatterd me when you said I was a piece of art?//but when I'm done wit

you Imma just leave a small piece of ya heart//so sad to see that you won't finish what you tried to start//

Yo Agrik man

-- you gotta holla back. I need somethin head to head.

[ 05 February 2002: Message edited by: Nash ]
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Wed Feb 06, 2002 2:29 am

u fuckin wit the best nigga so respect-it-or-gain, A bloody chest-with-the-pain

from a hot tekk-to-the-brain,You got lessons-to-gain, The teks-burst, until ya neck-hurts, I’m the expert,Proof is,

this one line alone is better than ya best-verse, u think u a soldier? I’ll steal ya sword or deep-stiletto,stab you in

ya most decent-level and make you meet-the-devil, flair-bats at sentences and turn 'em to paragraphs,‘droppin’

hot bars that could make the seas-burn,not found on AOL key-words internet key-search,My gift-is so ridiculous that

it’s not-discussed,Bring my hotness-up and get dropped-in-dust or ya optics-punched,The consequence-is-rough, a fuckin

diagnostic-thrust,Your head’s top-gets-thumped til your spine’s-top-is-crushed, Time stays evasive when the clock


mocking you in disguise when the tock ticks,

optical logic playing tricks on your mind-set,

when your rymes-let,

loose an explore there own beine,

You cant Define the definition that defines me,

aligns me, the armor that designed me.

get some more education, for ur information, swahili aint a tribe is jus a language, of course u dont understand this, cause

my styles outlandish, check urself b4 u get smaked like a tan bitch. so shut the fuck up before i make you bleed different red to green, until u look like a fuckin ornament on a christmas tree, unlike you, ive been robbin(robin) i

dont need batman to see your jaws droppin, while i kick you in your side till you hold your hip-hopIn


man i caint believe u think u been winnin dog, keep it real

dog aight? ax n e one here to tell u who got better skillz so far.
Nashty Nash
Joined:Thu Jan 10, 2002 8:01 am

Wed Feb 06, 2002 3:52 am

Wussup Agrik. You see these cats up in here now -- they need to be straightened

out. Say Tanz (1) my response was hotter than both of ya spitz (2) your response has NO solid punchlines -- cause anyone can

brag about they're lyrics thats the easiest part -- the tru lyricist spits metaphorical ish -- and uses ill analogies like

poetry but harder. But you don't see that -- so I ain't repsondin unless you spit something worth while (Like Nas is doin

to Jay-Z). Dawg even your last line is weak even though its supposed to be hardest line of da whole thing..."ive been

robbin(robin) i dont need batman to see your jaws droppin, while i kick you in your side till you hold your hip-hopIn."


Agrik commence wat we were rudely interrupted with.
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Wed Feb 06, 2002 4:36 am

dog...we gotta get muhfuckuz to vote man. bullshit aside, i think my lyrics made

more sense than yours kid. dont get me wrong, ur shit was hype, but...the only way to find out is to get niggaz to start


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Wed Feb 06, 2002 10:09 am

aight nigga i feel u, i feel u. since im the typa mc that i am, im down for

anotha round. lets do it all ova agin then won that one.(i guess) although we only got one vote. but is all gravy.

im still ill and always down to battle. so since u won!!!! u gotta go first. u betta come wit hot shit cause im gon blaze you

outta your botts nash.

one [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
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Wed Feb 06, 2002 7:28 pm

Wooohh... finaly somthing worth readin...yo yo on the real ma nizzlez, Nash came

up wit some high explosive isht.... Tanzanite u dope but when u shit on sum one next time make it mo painfull na'mean like

stabin a moufakaz belly wit a dagga.

VOTE= Nash
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Thu Feb 07, 2002 12:19 am

aight nash...u want metaphors? check it. since u won the first battle. heres

another u can answer NAS!!!!

yo son, the sun dont shine where i rhyme, ill bust u up and leave you speechless like a mime,

you claim to be the shit but even 'sceemz' wont pick you up for the pay-per-view,leavin you scared wit your face


even if i was paid-to-lose, id still capture your belt cuz my punches are too big and your waist-is-too,

go get some votes by rapin-dudes/

ill even let you change-the-rules, hittin you wit punches that split ya face-in-two, take

you in drakeford-tools/

stabbin you wit nails-and-screws, cuz after im finished youll wish you was a nameless-fool/


wouldnt give me my props but its aight i dont even need a decent-verse, cuz all of your punches come out as a


dont even post just let agrikul. know you need-a-herse, you beatin me would have to be a


seein exactly wut this geek-is-worth,talkin wit a lisp when he speakin-words,was never liked and was

a freak-from-birth/

yo before you hand me the M-c shine-it-for-me, your rhymes are kind-of-boring, like an all transvestite


the only time you get votes are when all you dickryder guys-are-horny, only a fag would get on aol and

try-to-taunt-me/ yo sKiLLz is makin sure your *life*-is-short, makin sure the *Mic* and pain-exhorts, all other


stangle you wit a case-of-cord, stabbin you wit sharp objects leavin you wit razor-sores, and the doctors

findin out your organs are ingraved-wit-forks/

i heard you asked lord to have this grudge-erased, breakin ya nek and leave

you wit a ruptured-waist, you couldnt express punches if you rhymed in UPPER-CASE/

battlin you is just-a-waist, cuz i could

win this battle even if i posted jus-my-name, this fuckers-gay, you couldnt win even if every one mixed up the


even when my punches-graze, they come wit enuff force to erupt-in-ways that could miss and still have you

num-and-dazed,and once you get outta the E.R ima kick you til your crutches-break/

yo if you were admin...the only way you

could win is if you edit-this, cuz even if you come wit your best-of-spits,ima still land the body shots that leave your


go to church and confess-the-sin that you went to african-hip-hop and tried to mess-wit-da-devils-kid,

rippin him til hes restless-then run to his death bed and hex-this-bitch/

you couldnt actully be *#1*if your spitter


im done dont even question-this, if you have 2nd thoughts the one that wins is the one that comes wit


You seem' to come with vile'mist/

thinking you spittin Canibulistic, I'll have ya vision impared' and

body deceased Enlisted.

PS: u aint shit but a mic fiend in a pipe dream, yo i dont even speak unless it is in a rhyme


im out!!!!

Nashty Nash
Joined:Thu Jan 10, 2002 8:01 am

Thu Feb 07, 2002 4:05 am

Dawg I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt ya feelins by not givin you props -- you

had some tight spitz -- you ain't poo -- but I know I tore it up da last round. And now you tryin to come at me with more

quantity? Naw playa -- its da quality that counts -- I could just hit ya wit 4 lines that would just eat all dat up. But

I'll holla I gotta evenly distribute myself -- ya friend vyruz is gettin spat at quick. But I'll be back
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