4 elements of hiphop

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Sat Feb 08, 2003 8:31 pm

OK so i just got back from dakar - senegal...

there are some people doing graffiti out there!

they have been spraying on different buildings and sometimes without asking for permission. one of the most active guys named docta has sprayed the outside of a prison at daylight!

i have taken pics of the work of docta (some murals and his sketches) and got his bio and all. will upload that to the web soon. keep an eye on our frontpage.

its not easy doing graf out there, because there is no money to buy cans, and even the best writers fidn it difficult to make any money out of their art cos whatever work they do, they usually dont get paid for it.
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Fri Mar 07, 2003 10:07 am

Mabuhay and wassup to everyone!

I'm a graffiti writer myself but I'm not from Africa, I'm all the way from The Philippines. Besides South Africa and Nigeria, There is also a small graf scene in Senegal and Cameroon, just like J-4 said.

With the economic conditions in most African countries, graffiti murals are too expensive and not alot of people are willing to pay that much for aerosol cans. Unless graffiti writers in Africa will risk racking or stealing paint just like what most New York writers did. They did not buy their paints, they racked them from stores. I have never been to Africa but I have this perception that security there is not that strict compared to other countries although punishment there can be more severe if a writer gets caught.

And to Somora, it's actually called colonial mentality. That when one country gets influenced by another (more powerful) country in terms of culture and system, way of life, etc. I'm from the Philippines where colonial mentality is stong. Especially American culture that has a major influence on Filipinos. By the way, Mr. Offica means police, cop!

To Malawi, alof of the stuff you say, I agree, an MC does not have to wear signature brands to represent hip-hop! What matters is he's practicing any of the four elements and expressing him/herself. Graffiti on the other hand can be done with any other medium. But what wack is the rules that most graffiti writers follow is the use of spraypaint and the skills that you can do with the can. We have to deal the "KEEPING IT REAL" thing and not "SELLING OUT". Besides, spraypaint is cheaper compared to any other medium.

To Thesis, colonial mentality is already brought to Africa. Even in the african hip-hop scene. Hip-hop didn't originated in Africa! But what most Africans do, they create their own style and culture so they identify themselves in the hip-hop world.

Well too much for that! Last thing, there are actually four elements of hip-hop but there are some unofficial ones like beatboxing, street fashion and more! PEACE!


If you guys are curious, we have a sizable African community here in The Philippines, mostly from Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. Also, please check out my website, it contains graffiti done by me and the crew I'm in (SBA). It's

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Fri Mar 07, 2003 10:45 am

:lol: I support Graf and everything, but i just want to big up FIRST CASE and AVG CRU
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Fri Mar 07, 2003 11:12 am

i thought there were five elements

it seems as if business has become the sixth
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