The Gathering Of An Army

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Wed Oct 06, 2004 1:34 pm

We are soldiers. Soldiers of Hip-Hop.

But we wouldn’t be soldiers if there weren’t enemies.

Too long have we been fought, hated, discriminated, mocked and bullied for being different, and skilled in numerous ways by jealous people with too little in their lives. We represent a new era. Something never done before, even how old our culture gets. We don’t have all time in the world anymore. The countdown to the end has begun.

I speak for everyone when i say; NONE of ours will accept being censored for telling the truth, and we never will be. We must fight! We must have eyes in our backs, watching the world and reporting back from everywhere. This is fully possible, cause Hip-Hop IS EVERYWHERE.

No matter where you come from, or what you have done, you will always be accepted, if you are true. WE MUST ORGANIZE

Every well-organized group, even how small it is, can defeat an enemy of great strength. But: WE ARE NOT SMALL. There are thousands, and maybe hundred thousands of soldiers in every country, who actually would do ANYTHING in their power, to help the cause of Hip-Hop. If we stick together, and compensate with new members to the Hip-Hop Family, then we will be too strong to ever be defeated.

Hip-Hop is art. Hip-Hop is actually based on PURE creativity, and every member can play a big role in making a difference. Just think about it. If we can organize every hip-hopper, we would be greater than Christianity, and even some of the great countries! Those who mean the most (or too much) like politicians born with money and the thought that the world is perfect and they dont actually need to DO something, will mean less, and those who mean the least, will mean more in the global community and no matter what element you are in to, if its mc’ing, breakdance, dj’ing, or graffiti, you will be equal, either depending on skill, or creativity, having NOTHING to do with race, sex, age, looks, economy, or even handicaps. I’m sure everyone has got skills, or creativity in some way.

People are different. And if we stay the way we are now, Hip-Hop will also always be different from anything else, while for example skaters, punks, and mainstream cultures bite Hip-Hop every day, with their slang, baggy pants, graffiti, dance, and music. Any other culture besides Hip-Hop is meant to brainwash, and cover over the truth, while battle-rappers go on the stage everyday, to get their bad sides revealed without fair, or losing respect. There is great music besides Hip-Hop, fair enough, but every type of music can be sampled, mixed, remixed, and used by Hip-Hop to create something new. Metal can’t do that. And I’m sure country music can’t do that. Besides, Even I have got a very mixed taste of music, containing jazz, electro, classical, reggae and dance-hall and more, and I have NOTHING against any other music type. I just love Hip-Hop the most.

25 years have passed since DJ Kool Herc’s first controversial appearance on the radio, and since then Hip-Hop has spread like a disease, and while the legends grow old, new generations of soldiers grow up. And best of all: Its TOTALLY up to you if you want to be a part of it. If you’re willing to fight for the cause and be someone else than the rest. Fight for us! Fight for Hip-Hop, and join the revolution behind me!

Spread theese words, and the word of Hip-Hop.

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