The Conscious thread: Let keep this shit on track

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Sun Oct 14, 2007 10:39 pm

Makin da conscious verbal..dispersing da spiritual the channel being digitally liberal/

Breakin down all psyche barriers.. diverse thoughts with phrenological techniques shaping da structure of da mental/

Rhythmic explosions releasing all complexities to anything simple/

Revealing emotions with each line like exposing dimples lol /

Ill flow never patient...drop bombs in yo psyche n caus chaos and still got rhymes to assemble/

I epitomize the incredible..flow so supernatural..Contortionist lyrics and my persona is flexible/

Realease dis through da net yet ya feel it in da tangible/

Each word has impact on your soul and inflicts pain on the literal/

Just a concise rhyme to entangle your psychological/

Evident Synergy aka Tha Kingz aura sparks erection to each hair follicle
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Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:49 pm

Just a concise rhyme to entangle your psychological/
And enable~the feeble to have an ethreal grasp of the Meatphysical

it's spiritual when i grasp pen and make thoughts visible~Incredible

How we can make words seem edible~Beautiful and sweet~Like Bush meat and wine

With sick Beats~combined with Poetic rhymes~transcend into the Realm of Divine

Inspiration~Every quotation equals a breath~ bringing a culture to life

Toghther we fight~Side by side~We porve our might

No Fear in our eyes~as we
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Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:45 pm

i don't know what else to say...........,finally hip hop is back to d mother matter what pops in ma hood,i'll never let di spirit die like the sickened gladiators, with all d pain dat stays permanetly on all lil nigerz eye in ma hood,i still take out time to stick around AHH,where my heart will never get exhausted..... so even when i was stuck with da pops fund and ma dream of rocking with G.I,i sticked with d latter,this law studying driving me crazy,crazy speakers blaring thru ma wall,making me want to hold a chick tight on one corner and confess ma love to her,but d inner part drawz me back to ma 4st aim,cuz i alwyz believed d cross won't be such a burden,never 4getting d pain that that follows after hitting a cunt raw,regardless of d sign posts and the gone homies....,i still rocked on like mode9...........r.i.p ifeanyi.. ma lost flame... :?: :?:
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Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:25 pm

virgin past, i caught the truth lurking masked

murking with cats,

guess was see through mostly, cos my heart was hurting like it broked in glass

woke me in class. learning from rhythyms that nursed me, hiphop immersed in jazz

too clean to figure out shit, they say, you mostly find it in trash

i might've been gassed

all the labels i wore, might've cursed me infact

torched me sad

all the girls that touched me, i doubt today they'd even know me,

but all they were supposed to be were a chance

then mentality lost me n crashed

got sobbered to a nose bleed, what the fuck toast me in the hash

wasnt he brash

arrogant and ghostly then lash

werent too many things anybody showed me, i studied coldly n adapt

everythings a hustle, had to tussle what host me inside

i chose to be, but mostly was ghostly n only did hide...

in plain language i think thats supposed to mean, tamed pride

no hate inside, i learnt to love and live openly with shame aside

i think thats what hiphop wants to be, n it cant be denied
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Sun May 03, 2009 10:20 pm

wongas come thru

I wake up in the morning,open my mind,my eyes and realise

the new day is up on my face,the first thot to strike my mynd

is about my theatened heart that keeps on browsing where i located

honest,humanity & consciousness

As i keep on sensing,my brain begins to sweat walking thousand miles

in split seconds,i reach no destination as i walk thru this dark passage

of mysery and depression.

My shoulders are too low yet accessible for everyone who sinks in pain

and drowning in tears

Unaware,here i let a serpent lean,open my chest and digest the best i get

only to bite venom with my jawz,then swalloiwng is just minor...............
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Thu May 14, 2009 9:32 pm

wongaz comin thru

To conscious lines i relate

reaching equilibrium mentally,

emotionally i ressurrect

saving my fading soul from extinction

i keep my heart literate

maintaing my blood float thru my cerebrum

i activate my thinking ability

and keep my grey matter rotating above average levelz of meditation

i accelerate every impulse,sustaining insane functioning in my sense receptors

i'm state of mind iz is an explosion set lyk dynamites,i plant satelites
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Thu May 14, 2009 10:34 pm

from tinseltown to jozitown my words travel miles

circling da whole globe returning to square one

a fair one?! I wander on a street with no sun

my visions being clouded by the glare of the handgun

on a trip of da dead pan favella's so handsome

the avenues wooed me with da promise of more funds

a stare down?! I wonder on a street with no sun

a cold shoulder willing to be my only companion//
mimic truce
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Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:33 pm

Yo, I got Bloody palm prints for news agents and schooling dicks

You full in shit doing tracks respectably known in manure n pits

yeah the luger spits, coughing but im sure you've AIDS

N your getting poorer bitch, why you mad at your dads brothers kids, cos they doper on scripts.
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