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Oh yeah rap isn't music, it's just crack heads rattling 3rd grade rhymes.

And Elvis is far from the 'King', since many of the songs he preformed, like many white artists (Kenny G, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys) are from Black artists.

Read the article:

The Jet article of 1957 further confirmed what friends and associates knew about Elvis all along: He truly loved and respected black musicians.

"A lot of people seem to think I started this business," he told Jet. "But rock n roll was here a long time before I came along. Nobody can sing that kind of music like colored people. Let's face it: I can't sing like Fats Domino can. I know that."

Musicologists scoff at talk of a racist Elvis. A dirt-poor outcast at segregated Humes High School, he wore pink shirts and pomaded hair like the folks he admired down on Beale Street.

He listened religiously to Memphis's black radio station WDIA and became friends with then-disc jockey B. B. King, who later defended him in Sepia: "What most people don't know is that this boy is serious about what he's doing. He's carried away by it. When I was in Memphis with my band, he used to stand in the wings and watch us perform. As for fading away, rock and roll is here to stay and so, I believe, is Elvis. He's been a shot in the arm to the business and all I can say is 'that's my man.' "

Elvis attended black church services. Two early No. 1 hits - Don't Be Cruel and All Shook Up - were by black songwriter Otis Blackwell.
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Blues shouter Wynonie 'Mr. Blues' Harris told Sepia: "I originated that style 10 years ago. The current crop of shouters are rank impostors. They have no right to call themselves the kings of rock and roll. I am the king of rock and roll."

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, guitarist Calvin New born said Elvis hung out in a black bar outside Memphis where he played. "He would sit there and watch me every Wednesday and Friday night," he said. "I'd wiggle my legs and swivel my hips and make love to the guitar."

In 1956, the Amsterdam News said Elvis had "copied Bo Diddley's style to the letter."

Flamboyant singer Little Richard pointed out stinging economic disparities: "Elvis was paid $25,000 for doing three songs in a movie and I only got $5,000, and if it wasn't for me, Elvis would starve."
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now everybody from da 213

get cho mutha fuck'n handz up and roc with me

now everybody from da 213

get cho mutha fuck'n handz up and roc with me

now come walk down diz dark alley and face ur fear //

if i slap a space uniform on ya, u'll look like buzz light year //

like mobb deep diz fool got it twisted //

how da fuck imma battle a cat da same color as a biscuit //

fuck ur 8 mile //

i'll turn ur hott shit mild //

and rearange ur face like destiny's child //

tell KIM i'll do her like dude did ur gurl at da radio station //

and i'll give her more pumps den ur local gas stations //

i'll put so much led in u make u look like a #2 pencil //

fuck u and da catz who did da songs wit chu //

reconize da G in dis hoodsta //

c what chu get 4 disrespectin my sistaz //

claimin ur hard on ur movie when u kno u soft //

i felt dat da guy who sound like da cookie monster killed chu off //

i use 2 like u and thought dat song u did wit KATIE was cute //

now i want 2 put holes n ur back and make u sound like a flute //

we can meet n da streets we can clap r fight //

while da black gurlz readin diz sayin yeah datz right //

like micheal jackson who'z bad...not chu bitch //

diz cat den made me mad... im ready 2 empty da clip //

i'll take all ur shit like uncle tom //

imma do a remix 2 dis featuring ur mom //

im like a viscious dog wit da gate open //

i'll have like da 1st time u battle...just chokin //

imma end witha fuck u and ur crew //

and u gettin ate up by a panther 10 years younger u // DAMN :?




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[quote name="Truth"]OK, one last time. If you were not BORN in Africa you are not African.[/size][/quote]

Get your facts right. If a African woman has a baby in China, does the baby come out Chinese? You are confusing the "geographical" definition of African with the "biological" definition of African.
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