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Thu Feb 26, 2004 12:30 am

i like a lot of non-english rap because it seems like when cats rap in their own languages they come through a lot stronger than when they try to rap in english.
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Sun Jun 27, 2004 9:48 pm

I heard a group called Bisho La Bisho on Channel O... a song titled Dance La Peau (spelling could be wrong)...

The rap in French... or Swahili (no idea)...

and up til today that is the tightest African dialect song i've ever heard...

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Mon Jun 28, 2004 2:55 pm

I recently had this email forwarded to me. What are your views on this issue.

From: "Moleleki F Ledimo"

> >Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:54:27 +0200

> >

> >Wish it could be disseminated on this campus & UCT & Rhodes & All


> >outposts!!!

> >

> >

> >We all have done this, thought that boxers/soccer players or our

> >kwaito stars are idiots (Nomvete, Vuyani Bungu, Mandoza, Mzekezeke,

> > late Vusi Ximba, etc) because they cannot speak good or no English at

> >all.

> >

> >Ever thought about De Klerk or that whitie next to you in the office

> >who does not know a single Xhosa word; He cannot even pronounce your

> >name(sorry probably he can, because yours is a colonial name). In the

> >office

> >they pronounce your surname wrongly and you just smile. You are

> >impressed when Mrs.van Wyk is trying to speak isiXhosa/Zulu. In 5 years


> >so

> >she

> >managed to learn Molo/Sawubona only...and you are impressed by that sick

> >crap.

> >

> >Why does it never occur to you that Mrs. Van Wyk is an idiot, a

> >certified one for that matter. A moron...who is not capable of learning


> >single

> >African language" What is compelling me to be writing this email in

> >English

> >not in

> >isiXhosa I know all the recipients(idiots) are either Sotho, Xhosa or


> >therefore

> >they will (only read it if it is in English(sickening neh!)be able to


> >and understand this email. Having realised that I still continue


> >in English. My excuse "I am faster when I write in English (Crap! I was

> > not born speaking English).

> >

> >Listen to your voice mail. It is in English and how many whites

> >call you compared to the blacks. Why do you have to cater for the 10%.

> >Cheese! you do not even have a white friend yet your everything is

> >in English. That is pathetic. If I told you that I had a degree in

> > isiXhosa/Zulu/Sotho you would all laugh for you do not see why

> >someone in his right mind would want to have a degree in isiXhosa.

> >Yet French/German classes are over flowing...(in work places). My

> >sister cannot even write isiXhosa she detaste the language and know one should be learning isiXhosa. Afrikaans are preserving Stellenbosch, RAU,Tuks (Pretoria) and all the varsities in the Tranvaal region....What are

we preserving Unitra will be closed...Uni Venda, Unipedi (my

apologies I mean Turf) and may follow ...Uni Zulu my be on the pipe

line (But we have Fort Hare)..Afrikaans (7% of the SA population) have 5 universities that they control. Little bit on maths there should be 64 black varsities to level the grounds. That would be a waste I agree but this serve the purpose.. Nokia recently introduced a phone with menus in Xhosa/Zulu/Sotho...we think that "it for poeple who cannot read English", Amaqaba. When you phone vodacom service center you always press 1 (to be helped in English press 1, Zulu press 2 (Xhosa), Sotho press 3, Afrikaans 4).

I know you all press 1 English. Why is that you rather stammer than speak your own language. We are all slaves ...Our minds have been crippled and we will never be free until we free ourselves.......
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Tue Jun 29, 2004 6:32 pm

I feel it a lot more too if its done in vernacular.I think it makes a lot of sense since Hip_Hop is really about telling your own story.So its easier for you to articulate yourself and for people to visualise the verses if its done in the mother tongue.You flow more easily too since the Rhythm in the language has been in you since birth.I only rap in vernacular and gauranteed Niggas feel the shit like they're supposed to.That's why I love the new Skwatta Kamp song "Klaima" coz its raw like that.That's the type of shit niggas should be dropping.Like Pac said:"My lyrical verse is filled with so much pain to some niggas it hurts".I think you can only reach that level of expression and Niggas feeling u like that on that type of level if you use your mother tongue.That allows your rhymes to be complex yet realistic and rhythmic at the same time.
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Thu Sep 09, 2004 12:55 pm

[quote name="PhibaOptik"]I heard a group called Bisho La Bisho on Channel O... a song titled Dance La Peau (spelling could be wrong)...[/quote]

I think you're referring to Bisso Na Bisso. It's a group of french rappers who all originate from DRC. The song might be "Dans La Peau D'un Chef" (I ain't listenned to their CD in a while so I'm venturing a guess here). They rap in french and sneak in some lingala here and there. On their album they've also invited some famous african singers. I'll dig in my collection if you're interested in a track listing.
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Thu Sep 09, 2004 10:41 pm

This group is from Congo =zaire they are all one family except one guy and they are based in Holland, am nah sure if they are using french but heard lots of track from them and i was one of their concert, suprisingly their song based on Jesus and god mgs.

About using ya mother tongue that the good deal and its a way to attract other stakeholders and stuff, i can see peeps home (tz)buying apt, cars, and lots of bling bling since they tranfer fully in the swahili language and people are now knwo what's up wit the game and u can find them alot in concerts aiight

word to ya mama
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Fri Sep 10, 2004 1:45 pm

Bisso Na Bisso based in Holland? You are confusing me!
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Tue Sep 21, 2004 9:57 pm

I feel a lot of Zulu rap/hiphop mixed in with some english, dat shit is pretty ill.

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