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Talented Tenth

Known to many as "The Tenth" CL MECCA and Poetix have collaborated together to bring the surreal elements of hip-hop, rap, foundation, reality and perspective to music. For five years Mecca and P.M. have harnessed and honed their lyrical skills to bring energy in a sorely lacking hip-hop community. The name of the Tenth is derived from an essay written by W.E.B. Dubois where he illustrates how during the Civil Struggle, the 10 percent of black men and women who became educated shouldn't be shunned for fusing within the society, which has segregated them for so many years. Its this 10 percent of minorities that have allowed the other 90 percent who never had an opportunity to acquire such an education that chance now In CL Mecca’s mind, Poetix and himself are here to help re-educate and re-establish the 90 percent who lack the knowledge and depth hip-hop has brought to the forefront.

"There is a lot going on right now, and hip-hop has always been a forum used to help branch and diversify and speak on so many topics, and perspectives. Our music is a vehicle of our struggles not only within ourselves, but also as a whole, and as a people. We aren't just here to be on a righteous path either, but we are trying to get right with everyone on how this music can be appreciated and viewed. It’s not just about Gangster Paradise or Breakfast at Tiffany's swimming in Cognac. The life and music we live by isn't balanced and we're trying to bring the kind of music that gives us that balance. Hip-hop isn't making classic type music any longer. What you hear a lot of is a formula copied and re-duplicated. Consumers don't have options in what they hear or feel in the music. The Tenth is here to provide those options, thoughts, and ideas. We are building people music. We are building on those around us, in front of us, ahead of us, next to us, behind us, and the ones who haven't even seen birth. Somehow they too will know what The Tenth is bringing." (CL MECCA 2003)

Through various shows done in the Central Florida area, and Universities, and car show events, The Tenth is quickly being recognized as one of the most talented unheard of groups representing the South East currently. Their mind is poised and their hunger is strong.

"We feel like we are just as capable as a lot of artists out there and this is who we are. We are lyricists with a passion to poor words over beats and put thoughts and movement in the ears of many. We want to represent that tenth percent of music that continually shifts the bar. Our words live through the people and therefore the people live through us. We want to have fun, we want to parlay like the next person, but we want this to be our life-force and when our days pass on people don't have to look at a tombstone to know what we felt or how we would be remembered. They just need to pick up a Cd or play our vinyl and everything they come to seek in knowing us will be felt and understood." (POETIX 2003)
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