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[quote name="rebelafrika"]
[quote name="Truth"]OK, one last time. If you were not BORN in Africa you are not African.[/size][/quote]

Get your facts right. If a African woman has a baby in China, does the baby come out Chinese? You are confusing the "geographical" definition of African with the "biological" definition of African.[/quote]

Exactly. There is a complete difference. If you are going by geography, you are classified by where you are born. When you are talking about ethnicity, that refers to who you are.

Case in point, hundreds of years after Joseph died in Egypt, his people were Egyptians, NOT because of their ethnicity, but because this is where they were born. But from an ethnic stand point, even though they were born in Egypt, through out the Bible they were called The Children Of Isreal.

Second, the word Diaspora refers to any race or ethnic group populated throughout the world. Which includes Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean, African American, ect.

To only classify yourself by where you were born, w/ out acknowledging your ethnic background (melinan) is to deny your whole self (those who came before you). And THIS is the propaganda thats keeping Africans and Blacks in America seperated.

That should not be....
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