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Thu Jan 01, 2004 5:22 pm

y'all haters can sign that petition as much as you want, whatcha gon' achieve witt it (except fo a lot of crap on sites like dis)??? ain't nobody puttin' Em in jail or makin' him stop recordin' shit jus' fo' a stupid garbage-ass petition based on sum record when dude wuz 17 ... the guy jus' broke up witt his girl, lost his temper 'n since rap wuz his only way of gettin' rid of agression, datz whut he had to do... at least it's better than bustin' a cap up her ass huh. i believe he's really sorry fo dat stupid shit he said on dat record, and he's more mature now, jus' give him a break !

persides, if he would be a racist, he would never help Obie Trice or 50cent to da top, makin' dem double-platinum artists!(altouhg dis last cat is startin' to annoy me) i mean,if he wuz racist he'd be lookin' fo white boyz to ride witt him 'n start up a label called "whitie recordz"

y'all can hate Em as much as ya want, he still is a pioneer in hiphop
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Wed Feb 11, 2004 12:01 pm

Just cuz he's dope dont mean he aint a racist or whtever
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