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Sun Jul 23, 2006 12:41 am

knock em out wit punhlines right off they pedestal/i'm telling u dont play wit the rap/wat gotta be careful wit all the crap emanating from this part of the map/i guess out here we needing quality control/like a rap nafdac to help us separate the fake from the original...
Average Flow!

Man, we got Old joints that sound better than that! HAHAHA!

1993 ... 0Youngstas

1996 ... 0Professor

1997 ... a%20Sensei

1999 ... .%20Spinna

2000 ... 0Professor

" ....The pain of the impression...of an African slave......who assasinated his Slave master...and ran away "[/b]
mr rehd
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Fri Sep 15, 2006 1:15 pm

@ bro nature

man it all about that....i got respect for south african rappers boy dont get it twist.

rap to me is confrontational so i like stirring up shit... no harm in it.

my flow average? no problemo its ur opinion i aint gotta prove shit to you.

but i guarantee u once u cop a feel of my shit you gon hear something u like...unless ur'e A HATA.[

as far as running this biz: nah man...naija aint running shit.we on the copme up though.

and wen we do come up we'll do it how we always do shit....BIG TIME..yall know.
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Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:11 pm

Black America has yet to have a lasting hold on any capital assets so as with most of the large business stateside the ownership is many who own a small portion. The lions share going to a few companies traditionally not run by Black Americans...


White members of America's 'Baby Boom' ( post WWII) will retire and leave their children $3 trillion.

Black members of the same generation are projected to leave debt.**

If you can't own a home its tough to own a multi-national media conglomorate...
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Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:22 pm

wen u buy a hiphop magazine who do c

on b.e.t who do u c - mtv who do u c

who do clothin companies giv deals to

intel sht n jayz - even tho most of em r run by whites

thet run rap..period...they started it...

i'm south african..n proud to hear 'em u.s cats say our musik's to be rockoned with..

they know wat time it iz....we jus need to expand on that market...

now wen u gona come n front abt lyriks/flow coz ya promotin sum local cat...sht

lets go global man...1 world
mr rehd
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Sun Sep 24, 2006 10:56 pm

niggas keeep talking about how i got an average flow/

tell me something i dont am i making sense to the average joe? :P /

i'm no rap messiah...nah

i'm more like john the Baptist..ur local town crier/

for the right price my services be out for hire/

ghetto intellect..concept of myself wen i'm introspect/

coming from humble beginings i dont know how to be complex/

my shit is easy like ABC,123,Do Re Me/

u may not like my shit but gon learn to appreciate me/

MCs think they wild wanna disrespect my style/

so i guzzle em like free lunch with a Coke and a smile/

see am that rap cat while a rap ra :x t/

and the relationship b/w us be that of a consumer and a snack/

i aint gotta prove nothing to no one/

once i get behind the mic the show's on/

fuck rap...shit only makes sense wen my dough's long/

& all my niggas aint gotta struggle no more to earn an income/

take em off the streets and put em in them jeeps/

from AC to AC... no more need for a handkerchief 8) 8) /

read my posts...i never layed claims to being ill/

nah i'm just real...all about the Naira Naira bills/


take a walk wit me as i journry through the wonderful world of entertainment/

wer the worst characters are the rappers...they be the hatas and back stabbers/

wer the only real love u'll get is from FAMILY,CHICKS,TRUE HEADS AND NOLLYWOOD ACTORS...
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