From Godz To Niggaz

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Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:39 pm

[quote name="beman99"]yea.. but am sure it doesnt help when after all these insights are said that the originator of such a creative thread still uses the title "from godz to NIGGAZ"... talk about an oxymoron... you jibby jabba bout one shit while forgettin the words that yourself is spitting are just a contributing factor to teh same shit that you condone...[/quote]

Good point. But I think the author used that phrase as an attention grabber, given that it's also a titl of a book.
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Mon May 21, 2007 4:41 pm

Sid Green really inspayad me wif dis piece man.i mean this thug really made me undastand shit dawg.

keep representn son!!!
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Tue May 29, 2007 12:37 pm

Davey D
The blood that courses through my veins contains, although minuscule, quite relevant traces of wise and mighty Queens and Kings
hell yeah, I'm inspired...for real...I think we are all just too afraid of such threads, too real...but ask me and I will say all that was written in that piece is the original mindset of hip hop, although I now firmly believe in its universality, white or black, as long as someone can still revert to the original ideas that birth'd it...

Peace n Love King
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Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:46 am

Good read. And I want u to know that I as an artist have always been about making real HipHop. And I want u to know that its not jus me...I know peoples who are still stuck to music of the 90's (even myself) because even the so-called commercial HipHop then wasnt as 'bad' as what we have now. I've heard all kinds of advise from people sayin'..."it wont sell" and all of that...but I stick to it...and if it must be said...I'll stick to it till the end.

Good read man! Black Power! UHURU!
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as an artist in far away naija,i believe in getting d paper and i ain't gonn sell ma soul,i am definitely gonn drop tracks that will catch d peoples attention,no matter d dialect.thats what i am hoping on.
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Nuhrudeen do you think Akil's "From Niggaz to Godz" would be a reply to your article? For Akil seems to be focused on elevating from " Niggaz to Gods" .... however on your side the equation deteriorates from "Gods to Niggaz".

Is it a people on the rise through their lifestyles and morals? or a people taken aback by their weakeness? I tend to think,both your articles "From God's to Niggaz" and Akil's book "From Niggaz to Gods" are depictions of the catch 22 black folks are caught up in.

NB :The segment of young blacks with the quest of being part of the solution, is only a fraction of the population in strife from the misinterpretation of what Hiphop Kulcha is.We should acknowledge with immediate effect that we are not the messiah to this situation but we can help shed the light by; spitting knowledge in any forum we deem appropriate otherwise...we shall live up to the horrors of our beautiful black daughters shaking their rear ends vigorously to Fiddy's "Candy Shop",awaiting the arrival of some broad-based cap wearing-saggy pant white sneaker- bottom to top Gunit clad mullato boyfriend.... ready to take her out on a ride.Damn what f*&%3K has this world come to??????????
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An amazing topic, one that really made me really does reflect the hiphop situation 2day...Hip Hop has indeed become bigger than Hip Hop music, but like someone said, its not just hiphop but other music genres including reagge and rock...all for that dollar dollar bill! people rarely make music just 4 the love of it anymore...what i also dont get, is the underground, mainstream thing. I mean, when u underground, u dont get much recognition fot your music, its then when you do, u become mainstream and your music its taken over by the people and industry...whatz a rapper to do?!

I also often wonder how some music genres have managed to stay out of the stiffling grip of rock mucic, its been around much longer than hiphop, gone through commercialization, yet most of it remains true to its original concept...i mean no one's saying rock is dead...

Why Is that??
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you make too much since lets see if they dig it.
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