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Sat Jul 23, 2005 12:47 am


Are you feeling alright?

I got a lot of shit to write down tonight

With a slight pause............." "

I think of what we all fight for

Might cause trouble for the future

Might just shoot ya...

Might just shoot ta...show em who's boss

Too many lost in the hate

If anybody knows it's a cross to place

In front of your chest

On a neckless...spiritual facts

Respect this

I'm just another rap cat

Trying to race as a rat on the track

Trying to point - out - the facts

I doubt that you...disagree

This is easy...tell it how it really is so that you believe me

The people need truth to see

The people need to kick ass like Bruce Lee

The people need to chill

Still need to put the cash in the tills

Will we...ever kill for the freedom of peace??

These are now lyrics of "ILL...BILL"....dude...if you aint ever heard of him..."Necro and shit, then you need ta know"

Peace sells but who's buying?

Who's flying, who's trying?

Who's lying in a pool of blood dying?

YO!!!! If you've read this and you from S.A then I say...peace to you my man...I also come from S.A.....Joburg to be exact.....respect 2 the cats keeping the South Af style alive...I think this site's a ride not to be missed...and uh...HIP-HOP forever.

"If you have any thoughts on "todays world"...then write a rap about it...every thought you think projects energy like a fucking star dude"


Peace sells
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Fri Sep 02, 2005 10:09 pm

:D nice stuff,i loved the way the flow went all rite,but you need more work to built up ur Vocal

no hatin freedback,nice tho
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