Africa and the Black Man

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Fri Mar 14, 2003 12:12 pm

Pretty much no one reading this will agree with my views and most will question why I am writing this on a Black Power site. The reason is

that I have expressed the following views to various people in a cross section of the English public and have never heard any decent

arguments against them. Hopefully some of you may offer up some valid arguments.

First, I am NOT racist. I have friends from all races including black. However, after living in a city (London) with a large population of

ethinc minorities I have grown to DISTRUST and indeed HATE the average black person. Before you dismiss this as another cracker flaming your

forum I ask you to read my reasons.

1) Every town/city I have visited in England with a large black population has become run down and crime ridden. You will probably say it's

because the white man has oppressed black people. Bullshit. There are many towns/cities in England with mainly Asian/Chinese and arabic

people. These towns have almost all flourished and grown and the run down ones have very low crime rates. Blacks old excuse for their

stupidity and lazinesss was 'the white man keeps us down'. I don't know what it's like in Africa and the USA but in England that excuse is wearing

pretty thin as black people have watched as ALL other races have succeeded in a supposedly racist white society. There are now more Asian

people in University over here than white. But surprise, surprise there are a tiny amount of blacks in further education. Why is this?

Because young black men spend all their time swaggering around, acting tough, copying moronic American stereotypes. It's only when they get

to their mid thirties that they realise what a waste their life has been. This is the attitude of many white people and if you don't agree

stop talking about it and do something to prove us wrong. To suceed in a society you have to integrate whether you like it or not.

2) I have a few close friends who are black. They are men who simply happen to have dark brown skin. They aren't niggers with chips on their

shoulders. My dislike for the average black person has nothing to do with the colour of their skin. It is their attitude. In my experience

the average black person is lazy, untrustworthy, feels that white people owe them a living without them having to work for it, and have

little or no foresight. An example of this is my friend Mike who went to the same school as myself, lived in the same area as me and had a

lovely caring mother (his father had left the family when he was young - another black fault - no family values). I am now a successful IT

professional and he is working in a discount store earning less than half what I earn. He failed almost all his exams because he was too busy

djing hip hop and trying to make dance music. His ambition is still to make music even though he has no music skills and won't even consider

trying to get some qualifications and get a good job. My point is that he had the same opportunities as me but didn't take them. No one held

him back he just couldn't be fucked to work hard.

3) All the crime committed against myself and people I know has been committed by young black men. There are many people of other races

around but is the blacks that commit the majority of crime in London. Unbelivebly, young black man look up to gangster rappers as role

models! How are they supposed to make anything out of their lives with such a shitty start? Even Minister Farrakhan agrees with this. It

is up to the black parents to drill some sense into their children but the sad fact is that most of the parents are as stupid as the children.

4) My father is a teacher and in his experience 95% of teachers will agree that if they were to have a class full of one race of children it would be Chinese, then Asian, then white and last (by a long way) black. This doesn't mean much but it gives some indication of what black people have caused other races to feel about them.

I agree that there is a lot of irrational racism in the world but the blacks aren't helping it with shit eating groups like the black panthers. The only way racism will stop is when blacks try and integrate into WHITE society. YES! WHEN IN ROME DO AS THE ROMANS DO. It is sad fact that to suceed in a society you must integrate with the rulers of that society or take over the society yourselves. As black people are too stupid and lazy to do this they need to shut up and keep their heads down and WORK HARD like other minorities.

5) The black race is clearly the worst most inferior race on this planet. I especially like to see black people justfy why their race is superior. 'The first man was from Africa'.

Who gives a shit? Then every other race came along and made successes out of their societies whilst blacks are still living in squalor in Africa apart from the ones rescued by other races. Jesus if it wasn't for other races inventing metals, technology, farming, industry, communications and transport the human race would still be in the Dark Ages.

Black people have added nothing to this world except some bizarre simplistic music and athletes. BIG DEAL. Now you'll propbably bring up the Eqyptians. Well as you all know but won't admit, they aren't black and anyway their society has fallen thousands of years ago to be superseded by better, white societies.

Reading over what I have written I can't help but feel it sounds like the usual racist crap spouted by whites but I again want to say I am not racist. I know there are many black people in this world who are intelligent and model citizens of any society just as there are real pieces of shit people in all other races. However, in my experience the black race has a much bigger percentage of bad people than any other race.

I don't care why this is or any nature/nuture argument I just know that until black people get rid of their fucking attitude problems

i.e. their inferiority complex that makes them strut around declaring that they are 'strong black men and woman'. You don't see chinese people walking around calling themselves 'strong chinese people' do you? No, because they are happy with themselves and spend their time bettering themselves not talking about it on shitty web sites like this.

You have groups of people shouting 'I'm black and I'm proud'. How

gives a fuck?!!! GOOD! Now go and do something that adds to society not pimping, drug dealing, gang fighting, rapping or car jacking. People

need to realise that we have one life and that we should spend it having fun with the people we love. These fucking morons who spend their

entire adult lives fighting imaginary wars against imaginary enemies should be shot and make room for humans who want to live their lives.

By this I mean people like the KKK and equally the Black Power groups. Anyway, I'm tired and am making even less sense than I was when I began this ramble.

If anyone chooses to reply to this I would like to read some rational arguments that will change my mind but I can't see it happen.
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Fri Mar 14, 2003 1:41 pm

This website is not what we'd call a black power website; it is about a cultural phenomenon and a movement called hip hop... the type of hip hop we focus on mostly is discussing issues in society; sometimes questioning the status quo, trying to find solutions to inequality around the world... opposing racial stereotypes.

In any case you say you're not a racist but you call black people stupid...?!

This forum is not meant for unbiased racial comments. This has nothing to do with our topic at discussion which is hip hop.
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Fri Mar 14, 2003 8:26 pm

By the way I noticed that this posting was not written for this site - it looked as if it was copied-pasted.

And indeed google shows that there's another page where the exact same story was written:

looks like spam huh! :s hock:
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