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[quote name="ojeemartino"]hey RhYmeshit or what u call ur wack crazy self wat do u think ur sick brain tells u about 50 being the next pac hey pac aint comparable as a matter of fact and go get ur facts right pac never made much money cos he aint doin rap 4 money but for fame and reputation its in the blood......yeah 50was shot 9times but i tell u those bullets were plastic n 4 fity 2 have dissed NAS is uncalled 4 thus fity is heading for a doom hez crazy....i think nadness is now his name....hey even when pac was alive(i know hez still alive) pac would have whipped 50 and eminem for featuring him thats a big insult......

i tell u fityz days are numbered he better take his time...........[/quote]

It's Rhymetodie!!! Stupid Nigererian monkey face asshole......Fcuk Ya aint gonn scratch peoples opinion like you know everything bout hiphop/rap bitch!!!..Now come 2 me!!
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Mon May 09, 2005 12:38 am


I actually agree w/ some of what you said about 50, but I will have to disagree w/ the notion that he is the next Pac. He may be enjoying a lot of fame and has had to struggle growing up, and surviving being many other artists. A lot of people tend to remember Pac's past from his Death Row days, and forget about where he stood from a political standpoint. He talked about making changes quite often; 50 on the other had said many time "Im not out to change the world" Infact, "21 Questions" & "Keep Your Head" dont even belong on the same page..

Speaking of the word "page", Pac is/was (or should be) known for reading. And based on the books he read, and some of the activism he participated in (remember, his mother was a former Black Panther), he wanted to use Hip Hop as a tool of liberation, despite that fact that he was locked into a label deal w/ Shook, I mean Suge Knight and David Kenner.

(Two people I still do not trust..) And not that I question 50's intelligence, but I dont see him getting any closer to a book, or making any differences outside of music then I'll become a millionaire
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[quote name="D_Infinite"]50 = poster boy for wackness regardless of how many milions he sold...soot mchammer sold 10 mill too[/quote]

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Thu Jun 30, 2005 4:34 pm

this is to rhymetodie:

i don't know know what's bothering you., but if you want to diss someone, DON"T USE THE PERSON"S NATIONALITY!!!!! i repeat DON"T USE THE PERSON"S NATIONALTIY. man, what's your freakin jive??? you gat a problem with that dude u settle it in a rational way. Jesus!!!

anyway, mah opinion on this issue is that i feel 50cent in particular is nothing but a publicity seeker. all that talk about him being the next pac is all bullcrap. let me ask y'all this question? if he's gonna be the next pac, why does he hide behind Dr. Dre and Em. (Shady and Aftermath records)? if he's so gangsta, why doesn't he go alone and disses whoever he wants to? man, let's face hard facts, he's just a means of making money which dre and em use to their greatest benefit. more like a money making machine. i don't be;lieve he's true hiphop. hey , am not trying to stop his livelihood or sumthin' but that's just the truth,- he's nothing
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it seem i'm going to say some here, first 50 don't take rap serious though G unit is already in existance, afta the birth of his son marquis , thaz when 50 quit selling drugs, go back to the studio thaz when Run DMC signed him but then jam master jay was teaching young buck how to count bars, breathing rate.... thing of such (i believed most of you know the rest things..) Flex master Jay didn't give 50 much chance thaz when 50 left there doing stuff underground.

mixtape and all that....Right from day one 50 start dissin niggaz who ain't cool... even Eminem did not escaped 50 words If any doubt play yur How to Rob track if your got 50's cd... some of the words you called dissing from 50 is just saying it for the fun just like Eminem. i believed some of ya will said eminem have beef wit michael jackson and President George Bush... not every word we said means beef.. In case of Ja rule, black child, Ja, tah, they all started it in the club, they are laughing at 50 then 50 gave him a punch... later in anotha club light went out 50 was stabbed.... later black child came wit his track... talking about how he shot 50 in grand ma front, how he stabbed 50 in da club... things of such. that is that for murder inc. fat joe listen to your Ja rule New York feat. fat joe, jadakiss. thaz when 50 replied wit piggy bank, he knows ja isn't a match thaz why he didn't say any thing about him.

nas and kelis he only made a comment like nas have kelis tattoo.....just like every other rappers used bobby brown and whitney Huston.. to refered to something related to love.. Y'all just bitching.... Hope someday someone will still bitch your stuff.. All the G uint members respect him.... not sometinhg to brag fo' sho.. dre love 50 stuff we he got a contract wit Interscope..... not 50 hiding in dre back in NY 50 was respect before even released get rich or die tryin... cuz in 2002 he did 3 albums not mixtapes. but columbia records didn't released it....... 50 HATERS, 50 IS GOOD YOU KNOWS IT...before his latest album I remembered my friend telling me 50 can sell record again if he do release an album. but here is the marsacre selling..
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Fri Jul 01, 2005 1:49 pm

you know, youngrob, am not bitchin'. rather am just stating my opinion. if you feel that to make sales on your cds all you have to do is rap about beef (just as 50 does it), then it means that to rap, you don't have to be creative or talented, just say sh*t. hey am not disputing the fact that 50 got shot, but that happened such a long time ago. face it , youngrob, 50 is just wack. methinks tha dude has no talent. to those who compare him to 2pac, for your information, 2pac sang about other things apart from his personal beef with Biggie.e.g changes, my block, letter to my unborn child ,e.t.c.. 2pac had other things on his mind other than just stupid beef. on the other hand 50 only sells his records through beef and sh*t.

tell me y'all... when you heard that the new 50cent album was out, what was the first thing that came to your mind? wasn't it beef? wasn't it what he had to say abot ja-rule? c'mon y'all, let's be truthful about this. let us also learn to seperate talent from hype. 50cent is nothing but hype. let me tell you, his next album , 50 won't have anything to say.
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Fri Jul 01, 2005 3:36 pm

Personally, the memories of pac i try to forget are those tracks centered on beef. That was nowhere near what the man was about. He made really good music. I confess i was all caught up in the beef at that time. I was young i guess. But there is nothing pretty about BEEF. Battle? Yes. When both parties can be mature about it. But when start hitting below the belt. It becomes airing dirty laundry.


50 beef or any beef. It's just plain boring now. If niggas got problems and wanna kill themselves over it. Do it on the streets not on a track. I guess there is a publicity angle to it sometimes. But it tends to be overdone. 50 is just an average rhymer if u ask me. Jada i feel should have put his shit on the next level but hasnt. Even then, 50 is mad taking on Jada. THey not in the same league. Uhn un.

Generally, hip hop is on a decline. Putting its future in the likes of 50's hands, signals hi time i eased back into Soul!
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