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Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:40 am

[quote name="Anonymous"] Spyral where u residing at? are u in Sudan or abroad? [/quote]

I'm in MN right now

[quote name="MOA"] We have until the 10th of March to figure all this out, after that we really need to start recording...[/quote]

could we extend that to a lil sum like the 13 or 14 cause right now I'm sort of occupied with couple of things, and theres this another cat I know down here who I asked to join us in this but he out of town and will be back by the mentioned date above...and the other cats seem to be asking for extention as well so lets hang on this but ya'll who got your loop I guess ya'll can record your verse, I should have mine ready by 14 and send it to either J4 or MOA, or whoever else is going to do the mix down.

[quote name="D.O.P.E"]I've downloaded the beat and i got my 8 bars ready, imma send a tape to J4 so i think it will take like five days or even less.[/quote]

thats cool D, but you could've tried uploading it instead of going through the whole process of sending it by mail, that way it would be a breeze for J4 to just download it or something...but its cool though, lets hope the mail does not take forever to get ot

[quote name="MALUKA"]i think we need more north and east african m.c.'s. what do you think?? can you guys take a hint..[/quote]

I agree with you there,...I'll try checking with other sites that might have southern or northern cats, anybody who knows any other sites that might have souther or northen cats holla at them and direct them here.....

As for the producers to help out I've got two replies on a thread I posted asking for help on the WANTED section....these two are the ones who've replied so far...I guess those who will be mixing down the tracks could contact them as well; cause MOA for example if I recall right is busy working on their album so to spare him the burden of having him mix this too...I'll try contacting them just to let them know about this collab, whats required etc....MOA you could contact them too, for incase you get caught up with your album production and have to put much of your time to it, either one of them could lend a hand......but thats up to you...........anyways below is what the replied back with, check it out!!

[quote name="jamtuff"]I can produce mad hip hop tracks with the equipments i got. Been doin' that since '93. Any rapper with skillz an' can hold it down tight contact me at [email protected]. I'm Tanzanian but curently in the States.[/quote]

[quote name="Chakubanga"]Yes I can do that, I have been doing that for World class artist. I do have the state of the art digital equipment. If interested contact me at [email protected] ..[/quote]
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Tue Mar 11, 2003 2:26 am

I don't mind taking care of the mixdown. Could either do it here on the pc, or find some other place with better equipment.

Who's the last person posting as 'guest' is that MOA? If not, are u still interested to mix?
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Wed Mar 12, 2003 7:35 pm

One minute there, are we supposed to send it the vocals with the beat or just the vocals???
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