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THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUE STORY FOR EVERYONE THAT WANTS TO KNOW HOW AZTEK BECAME ROCAFELLA...There is no need to talk about whether the kid is real or not I see it has been well documented just how tough the guy had it as a "columbian" youth....I hate to burst bubbles but the kid is really Mexican so the Aztek thing is a go, he only says Columbian because it is tougher hence the drug cartel stories and shit...anyways Mike G(Aztek) shot a video for a song that was graciously given to him by GODWON(aka Houston's Best Kept Secret aka The Future in The Present aka that next nigga to blow in H-Town). The song was intened for Aztek's MIXtape Bitch Vol 2 becasue he expressed his concern about not knowing how to put together a solid song with a hook(just listen to Mixtape Bitch vol 1)So GODWON does the song and lays he Hook(of course) kicks a hot verse(easily better than the "Columbian Killers") and Lets Aztek hold it for his mixtape...AZtek then calls GODWON and THE GC FAM to inform them he is shooting a video for a song of his....They go to the shoot, suprised but not trippin to see the song of choice was GODWON's song he had made....the video is shot in a part of Houston about an Hour from where AZTEK lives...GODWON AND GC FAM here nothing from the dude for a minute....the streets start talking saying that they have seen a video from Aztek and the song is CRAZY...GODWON SEES THE VIDEO, no GODWON OR GC FAM, both have been pertty much cut out. AZTEKS explanation was "it is a rough version"... GODDY AND GC SAY FUCK EM That is blatant Disrespect..... AZTEK Then takes the video without giving anyone credit or warning and shops it to the labels as if he created a was a masterpiece but IT WAS GODWON'S MATERIAL...JAY'S Best freind gets ahold of the music....Doesn't know he has a wanabee on his hands...Listens to his fake ass story of bullets and blood....JAY heres it and is HOODWINKED TOO...thinks he found the next big thing but he really found GODWONS music...ONCE TEK GETS ON THE ROC, HE CONTACTS GODWON AND THE GC FAM....HE NEEDS THEM....He can't make the music JAY heard with out GODWON....AZTEK IS JUST A SUBURBAN KID OBSSESSED WIT THE VIOLENCE OF TODAY'S RAP WORLD...HIS STORY IS BASED LOOSELY ON GODWON'S LIFE AND MANUEL NORIEGAS AUTOBIOGRAPHY...HE GOT MUSCLES BECAUSE HE IS INFATUATED WITH 50 AND GODWON....HE WOULD GO AND FAMLY TRIPS AND TELL US HE HAD BEEN LOCKED UP FOR THE WEEK...THE JIG IS UP...HIPHOPGAME WILL HAVE THE VIDEO AND THE MUSIC BY THE END OF THE...OH AND AN EXCLSUIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE FORMER HIPHOPGAME ARTIST OF TEH MONTH...HE AINT HOOD CAUSE HE WOULD KNOW THAT THE STREETS TALK...THINK ABOUT IT WHY WOULD A HOUSTON NIGGA SIGNED TO THE ROC TALK SHIT ABOUT HIS OWN HOUSTON PEOPLE, HE DON'T KNOW NO BETTER HE JUST SEE WHAT 50 CENT DOES...I AM NO HATER I COULD GIVE A FUCK REALLY, I AM JUST WELL CONNECTED WITH THE GC FAM AND DEF JAM...THE STORY IS SPREADING BIG TIME CAUSE GODWON AND GC FAM ARE TALKING WITH MAJORS... HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM....AZTEK I KNOW YOUR READING THIS AND YOU ARE SICK TO YOUR STOMACH, THE TRUTH IS A BITCH AINT IT? MY ADVICE IS TO WATCH WHAT U DO AND SAY MAN CAUSE YOU BURNED A SHIT LOAD OF BRIDGES IN YOUR CITY...U BETTER GET A REPAIR KIT READY PRONTO.....
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This shit is crazy!!! Aztek is about to feel the wrath!!! I can't wait till his story gets fully exposed.
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