wayne state university it's the most racist university in c

Promote your own other others' music, arts and events. African hip hop and related only.


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:roll: i have visited wayne state university in detroit for one the city is one big slum it's has the most police agency is the country and the biggest muslin propulation terrorist cell in the country outside NewYork City the city was a real small tax base and the middle age old people and seniors are not help the youth out the city is divided on black ethinic lines from religis fillation like cathelic churches or bapist churches luthurian churches espicocial churches and also shade of skin color or hues of blackness these black biggots are destroying the city by back biting back stading and plain old theivery and also bad values and morality i have seen white racist students or vistors come into the university registation and wellcome center building and dethicate in their pants and set there in the computor terimnal section of the wellcome center and let the smell fumagate the day space and nobody said one thing about whats going on it's so bad the smell it make you want to throw up and give you reallergic reaction to the specimen it will make you itch and give you a rash the security of the university is non excistes the student are threating the citizen of the city with physical harm of weapon fire and of veihcle hit and run or physical asault to detroit residence it is like the nazis gestopo of war world two nazis german the FBI in the city is like the kgb looking over evidence planting evidence making up threat to the public these FBI agents will use anything to get to their truth not the real truth of instintitionalize racism and instituitionalize organized coruption and crime in the city of detroit from the unions to food warehouses to the constuction companys and also the christant emergencys agencys of racism and biggotry from blacks and whites in the city detroit resimble a on going appartiet in the 21first century in the united state if into cowboy movies have you seen where the horses drink out of it's is a horse trougfh where the horse will take a dump and drink out of it thats detroit or oasis mirage where you are so thirthy that you are see thing like a pond and palm trees and grass and it's really anint their it's sand and nothing their i will say to you to avode detroit and look for another city to raise your family and work or start a bussisness or be enterpreneur in another city if you are black
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