How is life in Africa?

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Wed Nov 17, 2004 6:05 pm

Well I really want someone to hit me back with the 411 on how life is really like in Africa. If there was an oppurtunity to move to The States, would you do it? Why or Why not. Feel free to be as honest as you can. ONE LOVE! PEACE! :wink:
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Thu Nov 18, 2004 6:53 am

Move to the states? The answer is simple- when or if i was in Africa Yeah I would Move to the states without a second thought bout watever goes on out there.

but at the moment-since i am not in africa no more, i wouldaf thought bout the consecuences, the plus n negatives bout the area.

I would have moved from Africa to there because if the so very repeated reasons. POVERTY!!

Some say its better to be bone a dog in a rich country than a human in a dyin poor country.

well' i dont view it exatly that way because i have learnt a few things long the way, but back then-i think i woulda said that.

What do africans think of Black Americans?? mmmhh, how and where shoulda start? depends what sort of black americans you talking bout actually but as a whole, I think we mostly think of them as our brothas and sistaz.

Some say lost brothers and sistaz.

I think they are a african warrior on a far away land.

I was told by one o my black american sistaz that when she was at school, they kept away from africans because they thought we was thinkin low of them because they was slaves. That is so not the way we view black americans. not at all.

might write more when i get a chance.

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