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Greetings from Oakland, California, USA!

My name is Zakiya and I am half of the dub, hip-hop soul group collectively known as FIYAWATA (pronounced FIREWATER) We are currently planning on visiting Ghana this summer for a month to shoot a short documentary on the origins of hiplife, its contributions to African hip-hop and how it has been influenced by American music. We would like to meet and interview different hiplife artists past and present, check out the club scene, shows, radio stations, dj's etc...we basically want to connect with the entire hiplife culture while we are there.

Although hip-hop is a world phenomenon, many in the states especially ghetto youth, are completely ignorant to the international hip-hop culture. So much mainstream music has become watered down and "pop", that many of the new generation don't know about the history of hip-hop. As a teacher and hip-hop artist in Oakland and San Francisco, we educate them on those things and challenge them to rhyme about something with purpose, instead of what kind of car you drive, or what type of clothes you're wearing. Learning about the experiences of their brothers and sisters abroad through hip-hop, which they can relate to, would teach them about music, but more importantly African history and politics.

In turn, we will be coming with CD's/DVD and merchandise from local bay area hip-hop artists to share, so that we can exchange our experiences of how hip-hop has helped us cope with growing up black in the ghettos of America.

I have been doing a lot of internet research but could use some help locating the right people to talk to. Where should we begin? Who should we interview? Where in Ghana should we go? Any help that you can give is more than we have now. 1Luv for taking the time to read this, check us out at to hear our music and learn more about what we are up to.


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