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400 gallons of ejaculated sperm produced by an average whale~but only 10% of that actually makes it into his mate ...leaving 360 gallons everytime one unloads to set sail...and you wonder why the oceans so salty!!! anxiously waiting for mind redivivus~i need sublime to rid my mental detritus~and wipe the watery salt from my iris~submerge and rise above the deep water currents of this virus~i swim through the sea of open wounds~struggling against the tide trapped inside my minds pending doom~i feel the surge of my blood vibrate through each and every arterie~as pain radiates from my chest pulsing through my body like an electric eel on the liquid brains' part of me~Africa Is Dyin Slowly~parents perish leavin orphans lonely~the earth is frying, men woman and children are dying~yet we still invest in sending our men to outerspace~whereas we can barely maintain our current place~it drives me to the edge of my mental abyss~I wanna snatch falling skittles from the rainbow stage...and place them in my mouth so I can speak one million drops of change~cause all i need is one mic~to spark, ignite and bring perspective to ur eye sight~i was born wit a mic as my ambilical chord~my historical lyrical prose combined wit satire~rips through skin like barbwire~dancing in the shadow of my unexpected joy~i no longer feel like a burdened decoy...

i know i strayed but...hey!!! ill finish it some otha time
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Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:58 pm

Your straying is cool...I really started getting you...and then you stopped :(
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