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kast vs ??? :)

Posted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:05 pm
by kast1
ok i have sent my verse in, just waiting for A soul to post it


kast vs ??? :)

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 5:24 pm
by AddictiveSoul
Nurudeen's piece

Pleasant evening on a walk to the theatre

I see a fire fly dancing in the night

who knows why they light up?

why they dance?

But I know why the Dance troupe I'm going to see

will do their thing

It's an awareness campaign against abortion

My fiancee would be on stage

she just removed Our last one

and in ten minutes the act is done

the rigours of monthly practice and workout

gone, with the swinging hips, nimble feet,

bulging muscles, strecthed skin, as limbs with precision are flung about

perspiration, now dry as the dead drum beat......

...Fades,......and backstage it's time for Puff Puff Pass

I'll get drunk tonight and with a hangover probably miss class

But I'm the teacher though

Yeah! those kids, what more do I teach them?

I'm done for the term with weeks to go.

sometimes it's good not to give a f*ck

just roll the blunt, smoke, float, get detached

and view this world as from lofty heavens through a looking glass.


kast vs ??? :)

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 5:27 pm
by AddictiveSoul
Kast's piece

I manufacture far too many ideas for them all to be stored between my ears.

So when my mind is filled to capacity,

I let my thoughts seep through a "pen"

and pour


a thirsty "page" that swallows my words whole

-A "page" that is easily manipulated by its author.

Its paper-thin soul, believes everything that is spoon-fed to it.

The "pen" is no different from its enemy

-It does exactly what its told.

The wielder has full control.

It will keep spilling ink until its soul runs cold...

Pen and page connect only to kill each other.

Its a sad truth that they are just tools

- used and abused...

Eternal rivals made to fight

everytime someone picks up a pen and pad to write, scribble or draw...

either way, they end up in the middle of war

while the aurthor sits safely behind closed doors and


how the



This goes out to all the pens, pencils and sheets of paper...

that have fought, shed tears of ink, and died for the sake of these words...

kast vs ??? :)

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:09 pm
by kast1
i hope you dont mind, but im going 2 repost this in a new thread