I Am (Because We Are)


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I AM (Because we are)

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I Am

I AM because We Are and because We Are So therefore I must B

Me InInI and I Equals We

I am , I am that He in this reality

I am that He part of We, Never forgetting She

She lives inside of me and I am Living in She Like

I am that He, She is that She part of We

As We, He and She, INI strike the Balance

As We represent Creation together

Opposites attract like polarities are pulled together

As the Most High , Father and Mother Nature, Create together

entwined , locked together like the locks off my head

Just together, meant for each other like sunshine BRIGHT on a hot day

like the moonshine and stars-bling bling at night just together

We never separated like sugar and sweet, fyah and heat, legs and feet, tongues and speech

Drums and beats,Just Together

the Drums Beat, Through the Drums of my Heart, I hear my ancesta's speak,

Man, I am that Ancestral Spirit, Warrior Spirit, breathin in I

Calling, Calling the Afrikan in Me, We, Us, INI , I

I am since Ever, Ever since He, She and Us Was, I and I, I was, Iam

I am that He part of We that witnessed the birth of this Universe

I am the Hue-man , to whom the the Womb man gave birth,Man Mother Afrika,

Mother Nature,Planet Earth, Man I am that Son of She known as the Queen of Creation,

Her tears of Joy flood the land, feeds the lands with rivers like the nile, the earth smiles

I am that Afrikan who sparked the torch of Civilization

in the Ancient Nile region, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda,

Punt, Kush, Ta-Seti, ,Kemet Unified region called Sma Tawi

Made in the Image of He i come as Marcus Garvey, Telling My People to Rise

and Self-help with Self pride

We can make things Work, I sing it to you like Bob Marley,

I was made in the Image of She, From Queen Nzinga , to Harriet Tubman

Man i was one those slaves she freed in her 19 trips in the Underground Railroad ,

I'm beatin Drums From the Eastern Horn to Timbuktu to the Kingdom of Shaka Zulu

I am Diplomatic/Military Strategist , I built the pyramids showing

perfect knowledge of Mathematics, I constructed Monuments that stand over 7 millennia

I am tellin ya I am because of my ancesta's, and because they are I am, I am that Afrikan

I am We are Children of the Sun, Like Sun God and Goddess

I am because, we Are I am Afrikans Yes,

I used to teach the Greeks like Socrates,Plato Hippocrates

At African Universities they learned at my feet

Read the Stolen Legacy, and see the Hypocrisy

I and I and I and I Am that He, Remember, that He part of We

Afrikan is my Identity

I that Son of Mother Nature and Father Time,

and after TIME and TIME again I am Still that Afrikan,THe Fisrst HUE-MAN

Man of Color Man, Melanin

I thank my Ancesta's to whom i ow my presence, Life

The essence of life to me is to realize that i am , Iam because we Are


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