What do you believe in


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Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:26 am

This is not a poem, but more of a free verse some shit i was thinking and thot i may as well jot it down and see what yall think, in hopes of getting a conversation going on my train of thot!
i resent that you say that!!! cause this is some of the best material iv read in a long time!!! this IS a poem!!! and a great one to say the least!!! all i can say is once ppl read this they gonna be glad your not competing in the poetry battles!!!

i want to dissect this piece but cant find a place to start!!! for me it feels like a complex poem but portrayed simplistically!!! kinda hiding the depth!!! which is really hard and takes a lot of skill to do!!! some ppl think that being mad intricate and over complex is the key to an A+ piece but you've found the fine line that rests in the middle!!! let me describe this piece with one line!!! deep in a shallow way!!! :lol: :P

stay inspired!!!!

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Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:30 am

That eternal essence that existed before and after existence, who constantly tallies my pro’s and cons
I believe in me, the only certainty in a world entity of uncertainty,
I am the forth corner of a circle,

I am the loudest silence
i know what u mean when u say u were jotting yo thots down, i get that when u feel u have to put something down in writing. never the less i'd luv to jump on that train of thot of yours right thurr coz it REAL!

Though i feel u could have tied it up in a more presentable manner, it still tite like that

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Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:45 am

ummmmmmmmm thats a very good question? what do i believe in?

thats a question we all need or must ask our selfs at sum point...

but i reckon we all have that sumthing we believe in even thou we might not know it...

but i thinks its a great thing u cum up with...

as they say if u dont believe in anything u fall for everything

i think its a gud idea thats ofcouse for those who want 2

2 also try our thing and jot down things we belive in that if u dont mind c-sa

i will try and cum up with something so that we all can think aout this

i miss this place

lots of love to ya'll
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Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:28 pm

Yo c-sa you sparked up a question that woke ma sleeping pen...


I believe your words with Breath of Existence from a being addicted to DOPEness

I believe in Life and Death but am confused which comes first in this Life of Death

I believe Love burns like Fire but when toyed with could leave scars and Death

I believe in a Greater Being, greater than our greatest being has ever been

I believe in d Pain of d absence of a loved one who sleeps deep for whom I weep deep

I believe in Partaking in the Morning which is enough lullaby to send me to Sleep

I believe there is more to this life, more after it, than our 5senses are revealing

So I Relieve my senses, Perceive more in solitude sensing all man is concealing

I believe I can believe, a preamble needed to achieve desired goals, blessings receive

I believe in your beliefs, cos yours would be required for the actualization of mine

I believe in PRAYERS; communication with God, assuring me everything is fine


I am all beliefs...you can find yo belief in me

I could go on and on...someone continue pls.

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Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:09 pm

Hey c-sa

Great poetry,


How do you believe that believing is believable?

Coz i don't know how to believe anymore..

Keep spilling!
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Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:59 pm

before i start, how do you pronounce you name? "see-za", "see-zha" or "see-es-ay"?
I am that black snow,

I am that white shadow,
Firstly i gotta say congratulations. These lines of yours have made it into my "book of quotes", thats y i was asking how to pronounce your name.
This is not a poem, but more of a free verse some shit i was thinking
The piece is nice, the best poems are the ones that flow out. I hate forcing poems, cant do it. Im a musician too, & everything i create has to flow out not be forced.

I enjoyed readin this, but i aint thru yet, ima read it at leasure tonight, try tap into your mind, then tommorow il be bak here.

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Mon Apr 02, 2007 11:46 am

that's a great piece , i've been away for quite a long time and that would give me a nice start
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Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:53 pm

intriguing subject c-sa. one.

...What do I believe in…

I believe in me, the only certainty in a world entity of uncertainty,

I believe in all that is because I am,

I am that absent passer-by,

I am that black snow,

I am that white shadow,

I am the forth corner of a circle,

I am the loudest silence,

I am…. at least, that’s what I’d have myself believe...

I am because we are.
...I believe that words, speech, poetry are but ensembles of metaphors and similes projected on mind canvases, so as to illustrate emotions stirring from within

“So what do you believe in?”

L.P. (co. Flow--funcrusherplus)
...what's your confuction
me personally, I beleive : "live and let live"
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Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:04 am

what do u believe in??

kinda reminds of 2pac.....
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