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infra red eye sight

i see beyond the absence of light

bionic senses multiplied by integers that might

if connected create infinite values to certain heights

knowledge lies hidden in symbols that come in sequels

perceptions run deeper than oceans my vocals in turbulance

converge in certain portions

formulating patterns that disturb elevated tides

and lingers in air to watch endless torments subside

side by side my messages do come in a double

to which no harm is projected when the spirt is humble

i literally abscent countinance to create danger

propagate melodies in tune to eliminate anger

with vocals in perfected tones to soothe nerves

revealing energies invetory in systematic reserves

parables teach lessons shot of understanding

in process initiating open wounds to automatic mending

as questions search for answers ,notions collide with emotions

natural laws violated ,redifined to unknown parameters

living residual patterns a puzzle to mind readers

and brain damage as the only result to their mental activity

verbal pulses injected into your spinal cavity

the coalition created therein leaving your mind in captivity

verbal dynamics disintergrate living pictures in jigsaws

of which the solutions are a revelation to the lost souls

radial interferences to your proximity misinterpreted

decomposition guaranteed with explosive violance stipulated

at levels thet trescend the message implicated

the message is soluble in minds attended

with verbs seperated various lights illuminated

my theories suck minds like baloons blown in reverse

and data encrypted and given in portions per verse
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