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Tue Aug 29, 2006 11:35 am

Eish guys i'm glad that u feel what i was trying to make u feel that i was feeling when i wrote this poem.

Winnie,Sid,Addictive,Young and Beesting

One Love

Extending His Blessing
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Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:55 pm

This just inspired me to write one about Africa as well man...but right now, after I heard someone lecture on Africa and how our leaders are fucking us over, I was feeling really pissed off about it and penned somethng else different...

but yo, gotta love tha mothaland...Amandla
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Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:22 am

This has inspired me to create an instrumental. Nice piece!
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Tue Sep 19, 2006 9:44 pm

theme is cool 2 pen smthng positive, put aside wat sm 1 must 've said watever we say on this forum it's basically 4 d future, remember africa is where the world wants to explore.
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Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:34 pm

i luv wat ya doin his tight all dose suckers dissin africa we gonna kill dose mothafuckaz dis yo boi morak & dro 2 of da am a bad mothafucka hoodie u can be da king of yo MOM pussy i dont give a fucki got a clean pussy she right here sucka
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The struggle is all in the mind...africans are their own oppressors.the road has been opened for africans to make a success of their lives the door is there,u've got the key all u have to do is open it. looks difficult but it isn't.the mentality of africans is still chained to the old system of apartheid.that is the only struggle we're fighting.....our state of mind!"

yu damn ryt African. most of our people have become walking zombies with this geneticaly modified knowledge fed to dem by the system. they see their afrikan identy swirling through the debris of tym, their humanity wrestles their mental starvation but still they sit down and do nothing to free themselves. the door is open, is not all of we who haveeyes to see the light, so those of us who see the light let us take our people with us, we have the platform.

pass the cutchie!
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Wed Nov 29, 2006 6:09 pm

i knw it's being quite a while, bt better late than never. just felt like droppn' sm thin' on the topic.

oh africa, what a continent

which lies accross the equator

and bound by water(atlantic ocean(west),

meditarean sea(north), indian ocean(east),

red sea(north east), a continent so unique

with natural resources as well as diverse

tongue, tribe and culture;

oh africa, what a continent

blessed by god where milk and honey flows.
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lovely piece... keep inking :wink:

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