Newbees, get in here :)


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Wed Mar 29, 2006 7:39 pm

I bring darkness to the five radiations of the stellate properties...

Show your love to mr new please :lol:
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I have been guilty of the same thing because of work commitmentsa but I know poets are not people to supervise anyway, they are their own masters and just flatters me knowing that fact. You come back to the site and there is no confusion at all. but bear with Addictive coz i know she really is into this thousand percent...

Do your thing Empress Soul
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From the Heart

Need more friends with wings

all the angels i know

put concrete in my veins

I'd always walk home alone

So i became lifeless just like my telephone

There's nothing to lose

when no one knows your name

There's nothing gain

But the days don't seem to change

never played truth or dare

I'd have to check my mirror

to see if i'm still here

My parents had no clue

that i ate all my luches alone in the bathroom

There's nothing to loose

When no one knows your name

there's nothing to gain

but the days don't seem to change

there's nothing to loose

My note book will explain

There's nothing to gain

And I can'tfight the pain

I want to get the .9 millimeter out from under mah bed and blow out mah fuckin brains

Cuz mah life is too hectic

Mah parents is too reckless

I wanna grow up to be somebody

But Young Fyah thinks he ain't gonna make it

I'm layin my heart out to y'all naked like Marques H.

Mah loyalty to Pink will never ever fade

And mah feelings toward Head Niggas N Chrage will never ever change

So let's see how you think

It is to be me
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Hey yall,

Diggin the spoken word angle here, bumped in from the nigerian hiphop forums but I write poetry and do spoken word too.

Been writing for a couple years now, its a pity there arent more avenues to vent our poetry in Africa.

Holla at the bwoy!

Hang Over - Oct. 19, 2005

Pulsating waves of heady nothingness,

Alcoholic for a glass too many.

No,.. I should have had that long long piss,

wet the earth in the corner,

let the one eyed snake spit and hiss.

I should have told a few more stories,

spun a few more yarns

and walked away.

Away before the Devil wreaked his harm,

conned away my senses with his liquid charm.

I should have taken that phone call

and left saying, "duty calls".

I should have poured a long libation

to the lost souls under my seat

and whispered prayers to escape

drunkeness's clean sheet.

But alas, none of these I did,

a victim of pride and prejudice

compromised at intoxication's precipice.

"How I go run?, Haba"

Now here I lay, dinner thrown and error prone,

unable to lift my eyes or my limbs,

unsure of where I am or the state of my things,

bile mouthed and fouled,

devoid of thought or comprehension.

A perfect study of human self-destruction.

A panorama of drunken dysfunction.

Nah,...I shouldn't have had those last few bottles.

I wrote this carrying the worst headache of my life, so its a lil off but u get the picture abi
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Wed Apr 19, 2006 10:52 am

Young Fire and Auxygyn, I already anticipate the richness of your poetry and I hope you will fully participate in the activities that the poetry family engages each other on.

God bless..welcome home
Emcee E
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Thu Apr 20, 2006 3:21 am

Hey whats up Guy My name is Ian aka Emcee E

Ghanian-Canadian if there is such a thing.

I am so happy to find this site
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