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Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:43 am

[quote name="moi1"]i wrote myself out of the womb with a poison pen that broke my mother's water, grounding my feet like roots.[/quote]Thats deep man, can't wait to read more from u', welcome to tha' forum, stay active.

anwar davids
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Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:02 pm


I am new at this and need some help regarding the technical side of writting poetry.I have written poems and I am proud of them but not ready to share with anyone as yet.I need some assistance with three things.I need to know how to count the lines in a poem as well as how to count letters and syllabels.I dont know how to go about this cos i dont even know what a syllables looks like or what it's function is.

If anyone can give me some advice i would really appreciate it.

thankyou very much.

anwar davids :)
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Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:26 pm

Welcome to AHH. I hope you'll be able to share your poetry with us soon. you'll see that this is a 'safe place', a 'poetic home', if we critize, it's uplifting and motivating, it's to help you grow as a poet. now to answer your question (anybody feel free to correct me if i'm wrong), the answer is pretty simple.

the number of lines is it many seperated lines a poem counts

roses are red - line 1

violets are blue - line 2

I translate my soul into poetry - line 3

and so should you - line 4

so this poem has 4 lines, another one (I took slightlypoetic's poem)

Who am i? - line 1

I am but a woman who has lost her way in life but is finding herself through words - line 2

who am i? - line 3

I am the only star in the sky brightening up ur lives with syllables of salvation and sacrifice - line 4

who am i? - line 5

In essence im a lil like you alot like me but nothing like them - line 6

who am i? - line 7

just a ghost on a board with seekers searching for an identity. - line 8

THATS WHO I BE. - line 9

counting letters, I guess you should take that literally, literally count how many letters are used. for example our "one line seven words" thread, that topic title has 17 letters.

Syllabels: Definition

A syllable is a unit of sound composed of:

- a central peak of sonority (usually a vowel), and

- the consonants that cluster around this central peak.

so the word 'syllabel' has 3 syllabels: sy - lla - bel

your name anwar davis has 4: an - war da- vis

my nick has 5: po-e-tic se-raph

the poetry thread on the african hip hop forum ->

the po-e-try thread on the a-fri-can hip hop fo-rum: this phrase has 14 syllabels

well i hope this helps you out

kinda like where u cut the word - in speech - to change the sound.
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Fri Oct 24, 2008 6:33 pm

whats good its your boy Daplaymaker and I want to say thank you to everyone who has commented positive or negative about my poetry/storytelling. Growth is what we need as poets and I am thankful that Almighty God himself has kept me alive this long to reach other people through my writing.
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Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:08 pm

I am the offspring of reason,

treasons derranged,

seasons engagded in the struggles of

anti policy, poverty and political heresey,

seeing there control through the prison industry

its complex, im so complex it tempts me

im fearless cant you see this, my mind makes my pen drop realness,

im relentless and ancy,

so i preach the voices of my ancestry,

the ones of my people, im every flag word wide and there geneology,

there breath of existance, the seed of resistance and there movements,

my grandparents knew this im planted and deep rooted

to the essence of pedro camps, filiberto rios and

all the unamed brothers and sisters on the same plain

weather white, black or brown, on the flight to indipendance,

way beyond taxcuts and welrare its warfare,

i contribute patterns of brain connections that inspire rebellion

and rejection,

let them make the pass its time for our interception,

were known by the unknown,

most of us are fully grown and understand my concept,

its my public outcry,

hear my voice,

feel my pain and

see my vision,

speaking with precision,

its my incision with a sharp blade, extractions of treaties made

for capital interests of the blood sweat and tears of my peers,

open ya eyes, ears and clench ya fist,

listen to my words embrace my direction

and lets alter the imperial with political inperfections.
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Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:31 pm

Been off the raider of a minute. Doing some soul searching and stuff.

See some changes been going round this joint. To be honest its a lot prettier than when I first came round here sample this off the top:

My words my weapons, My options open,

Your mind hiden, My rhymes perfected,

Been rejected in corners unknown to man,

If I were you I would have been a memory,

Voices spoke to me, told me I was more than what mere minds perceived,

Heard that all, coz thats just how trace was concieved,
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Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:33 am

Have you ever wondered why you are not looked upon as too old if you are a 60 year old drummer in a rock band or a 60 year old R&B singer or even a 60 year old tap dancer? If you can do any of these things as well as many other forms of MUSIC it is not looked upon as strange or weird because all forms of MUSIC are looked at as ADULT forms of art...............except RAP!

I'm talking about people outside of Hip Hop looking in.

Reason: RAP is linked with something kids do. And you are supposed to outgrow it like playing in a childs playground.


I am new to this site. I have not reached the age of 40 but I was around when Hip Hop started. When there was only New York Hip Hop and nothing else. I listen for years about how rap was a fad and was never going to last. I remembered in the record stores when rap didn't even have a section. Just the letter "R" with fewer item than some people have on there dinner plate. "Rock & Role" just like "Bee Bop" were looked at as childish when they started until the children grew up. When the kids grew, so did the MUSIC. ......But not Hip Hop.

This has nothing to do with money and everything to do with expression.

The expression of Hip Hop is not even close to being as advanced as I thought it would be years ago. I give many artists and friends BIG UPS and NUFF RESPECT. But still......far, far too many children!!!!

Soon....I will show you the difference between MAN and child...

I think GOD for this site.

ONE ! 8)
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Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:11 am

just sayin that's a Nice talent, great name...this is hiphopheart new on site but not to recite...peace.
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Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:47 am

word everybody, Synik is the name, Zim emcee with a love for poetry.In fact Im trying to get into it.So here is a piece to introduce myself


She sustains life like the river Nile

The universe has gotta pause when she gives a smile

Coz she got the strength of the black race

I find myself staring at the length of her black and beautiful face

She got darkened knees from polishing floors

But it aint hard to see she a positive force

Bucket of water on her head but still carry a child

She diverse keeping her hair in various styles

She is deep like the Kimberly mines

So you couldn uncover her treasures even if you were given the time

And she is humble like the sun in a solar eclipse

Her voice blesses the air like when you blowing a kiss

I see the motion of the ocean in the sway of her hips

A lotta girls but she is the most potent on the list

Mascara doesnt define her

She is divine in her design so on the throne is where you find her

She has so many gifts that her bridal price

Would be a star and the moon if you valued her right

Source of inspiration, 9 months carrying a nation

She my black sista, Original Queen, without an imitation

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Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:56 pm

Oops I suppose i aint a newbie no more, but since I never introduced myself proberly, I thought I'd do it now.

His a frontier pioneer, year after year he lead the way from the rear,

He bleeds the way, tear after tear, with a pen in the hand & a beat in the ear

With his mind round an idea & his fist raised to the sky, hear the war cry

Coz he battled his hostilities, until the world could hear the war cry

A sight for sore eyes this swash-buckling buccaneer, without a fear

The migrant pirate on riot patrol, tired on roll towards the poison spear

All the noise in here leak out via the jaws of an outlaw, out for

Revenge against the stench that hang so heavy, on the ground floor

A Vagabond antidote and he cope with empty hope on a thank you note

Plenty spoke but not many wrote, what he had to script on an angry robe

Under lengthy smoke he choked & his train nearly went of the rails

Coz he didn’t sent a message in a bottle to the one he often mails

Stole his coffin nails, paid his bail & made his way out of an earthly jail

Since birth failed, but deserved 2 trail the retail detail of a worthy sale

Just a rolling stone going home to where the hills have eyes & walls ears

Just a rolling stone going home to where the deals less lies & no fears

Thats me The NomadPoet

here's the link 2 my newest mixtape!!!!!!!!!! enjoy! ... d=8cd1f871

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