POTW- 01/01/06: Ephemera of Hip-Hop


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Pronunciation: i-'fe-mer-a

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural ephemera also ephem·er·ae or ephemeras

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek ephEmera, neuter plural of ephEmeros

1 : something of no lasting significance -- usually used in plural

2 ephemera plural : not intended to have lasting value


She Hip-Hop, got me Enthralled by her staggering strut

So goddess-like, Gusts blew with metaphysical thrust

Cajoling a Cumulus

To split & let Sunrays glow forth on the Two of Us

as eyes were transfixed on treasures of Eternal Pleasure

Enmeshed in a Passion numerics could never measure

Took pellucid views of God's favourite Jewel

Possessing Adept Tools, Yet weak minds dont have a Clue

of how beautiful the design

Black Hairs braided in Symmetrical Lines,

Intertwined on the dome of an Ethical Mind

that binds her soul to rhythms of the African Tribe

But the signs were here to define in a matter of time

That man had a unique weakness: To stray from uniqueness

A Unique Test of raging hormones

and a will to atone for when we scowl to her sweetness

that cause desires to surpass her fire which burned so brightly

The Daylight Tracks our steps so i guess Tonight we

Elope from the warmth & the feeling is frightening

As i'm again struck by this decietful lightening

Stunned & Staring in Flames of Artificial Pyrotechnics

Our seeds envisioned as Step-stones to Eugenics

Replicas, lacking True features of Authenticity

The Earth holds the feet so our Flaws are Hereditary

Efforts to turn back Time, Failed but changed the Polarity

of batteries, Leave Negative Tots & have a Positive Mentality

I sensed her descent so I write to right her wrongs

Proceeded to take the weight but my arms aint that strong

As long as we join hands & never let the Dew Drop

True Followers know no it aint late for us to Save Hip-Hop
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Tue Jan 31, 2006 7:04 pm

I mean damn, you wrote with such conviction and truth. That ish was deep I liked the way you defined your title. You have a vast vocabulary and a great command of the liertature you spit. 8)
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Wed Feb 01, 2006 9:33 pm

Thanx Sassy & Addictive.Tot peeps were gonna be like the ish's to deep or sumthing.got up in da morning n just tot of the idea then came & dropped it.thnx 4 recognizing. Hiphop 4eva!
Lord Shivas SiQ' al
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Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:29 am

right off the bat : vocab and abstract concepts

two of my fav stylistics.

the mechanics of ya verse ( ie wordplay, imagery, diction, word usage ) was very well rounded & its quite clear that i am reading from a veteran.

enjoyed the read, keep blessin .. gawd..
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Fri Feb 03, 2006 8:39 am

i loved it

your word use is great,imagery nicely put through

keep it up

much love

true bless

theme elohim
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Whoa...I love the reference of "She" when referring to hip hop because it brings to the fore her vulnerability and yet resistance in wanting to reflect true love. Hip hop will love those who love it, those who misuse it do not last anyway, they get dumped along the wayside...

Collabo? Tight, really tight...
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Mos Definately....Theme It'll be my honour.She's (Hip Hop) vulnerable cos she is Love itself & takes in all types.relate that 2 a foster home & u get da idea.Some seeds have different perspectives on how to use her to blow while wise ones use her to grow.its so intricately interconnected.so Hip-Hop is Life.And whose responsible for giving life? A Mother/ She / Love.All That signifies Her.Its quite beautiful......
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Sun Feb 05, 2006 7:42 pm

if i try to say anything here i lie

i simply cant quantify in words these lines

true piece E

fist up

lets save hiphop
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