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This is the creation of a Goddess,personified in a lyric/

take Sade's mysterious allure and Brenda Fassie's lively spirit/

i know it's probably silly to fathom someone so godly/

but take Wangari Maathai's heart and put it in Bruna's body/

so far i have a saint and a model,but something is still missing though/

i luv music,so i'd give her Zamajobe Sithole's soul/

so she can sing me something beautiful and make me smile/

i kinda like tomboys so i'd give her a pinch of Nazizi's style/

so far so good--can it get any better?/

she has to be really clever so i guess i'd give her the intelligence of Miriam Makeba/

we won't have to get intimate,we could just be friends and keep it moving/

a talented actress with a resume that doesn't need improving/

a movie cutie like Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton/

starring in a low budget independent--something romantic and racy/

with cast appearances by sexy ladies like K-Lynn and Raycee/

but if you're acting like a diva then you'll have to go/

did i already mention that she has to have loads of soul??/

a member of the fairer gender with the "Grace" of a presenter from Channel O/

this goes out to all my African ladies/

please don't let the European standard of beauty drive you crazy!/

forget the stereotypes,turn off that T.V and throw away those magazines/

don't you know you're already a queen?--so you don't have to dream/

you don't need make up on your face,you don't have to starve yourself to improve your figure/

understand that your beauty is beyond what you see in that mirror!/

you are the life giver,the backbone of every family/

i get out of line sometimes,i can understand why you get mad at me/

i thank you for that cause you help bring out the Man in me/

i promise to always honor you and treat you like the Queen you are/

you inspire me--you make wanna reach for the stars/

you say i make you blush when i do this,but i just had to write this/

i am enchanted by the very idea of you,anything that resembles your likeness/

i usually keep this kind of feeling hidden inside but i'm tired of trying to hide it/

whole galaxies whirl behind those wonderful eyes--the sight is priceless/

i call myself Africa's best,but all arrogance aside,you are "Africa's Finest"/

signing out is your loyal subject-- i will forever serve you your highness.....
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Tue Jan 31, 2006 3:51 pm

Peace. Keep becoming...

PS Show them kids HOW to think and believe those words.
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Tue Jan 31, 2006 4:55 pm

Well thought....Nice One.

Hope Ya'll ladies are reading this?!!! Da Food of Thought right here.
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Tue Jan 31, 2006 5:30 pm

i agree with addictive,

a rich african voice would do it justice

keep em coming

much love

true bless

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