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A hate driven, power crazed, theocratic military regime has plagued Sudan for over 25 years tearing the country apart using religion as a weapon to suppress the people, a motif to wage civil wars and genocide and an armor to stifle opposition...

<b>Of Theocracy</b>

Guns and sticks and holy scripts;
The rope that keeps us bound.
Yet fading light, urges might;
We firmly stand our ground.

As light shines through the darkness
With ease deprived of pride,
Our songs will slice the silence,
Drumming up hope in stride.

The storms of change are singing,
A song of hearts and souls,
Souls that cry for freedom,
The truth shall free us all.

If written words are sacred;
Writers akin to gods,
To you my loyal subjects,
I claim these gods are frauds.

You call it sacrilegious;
I won’t believe in wrong;
When man condemns his brother,
And hails his gods along.

Religion is a virtue,
Of humbleness and faith,
Witness professed believers,
In vice and sin they bathe.

So cry for me my country,
I weep for you inside,
Your faith has held you hostage,
The ransom’s your divide.

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