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She, notices how, the superstars wow whilst they writhe their bodies

the same rhythm they writhe to, she writhes to too.

to her, she knows it not, but her culture sheds its skin,

and the structure thats exposed left no covering for whats within.

She, notices how the superstars, bow to serve the beast,

slowly she too joins the feast and takes a bite out of her own.

the righteous are seldom born, right? righteousness is earned,

why would God mould mud and ribs, to moul them up to burn?

She wants him rich and hot, like a bougeoise beef curry.

empty to purpose, blind to reason, broke to love.

but thats how she was raised, and "mother taught her right."

she wants a hug, a snuggle, a kiss, yet, father taught us, "fight"

She was raised well and so was i,


she has to lose herself, and so do i.

For us,

Cosmopolitan Africa.
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Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:09 am

together we lose ourselves to this new madness that is cool!!!........thanks 4 depicting the element of culture erosion......thumbs up poet!!
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Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:56 am

Back in the day, this piece is sure 2 get more posts than it got. Sup poets lets appreciate talent like we use to. Nice drop mehn...
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As expected, i am humbled. thank you Siza. thank you Frikha! As all things do, AHH site activity moves in cycles. we are in the valley as of now! i have returned and hope that many too will find their way back to activity! my hope is that you do not move away in from the site and stay active. invite a friend to join the site.. heck lets own the site!


Pfungwa Kizito
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