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Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:42 pm

in some strange, dense, jungle:

monkeys put on a show. swinging on trees, while juggling fruit, and catching them with their mouths.

this on leaps into the air, aims at a tree but collides head-on with sharp tiger claws.

BANG!!! cat lands on his feet. a wrestling match begins. DUST DUST DUST and then it settles...

tiger emerges. gives me a bloody smile.... wait wait is that a berp or a roar?

oh its my dad. telling me: 'switch off that tv and got to bed!'

i stand up and my room comes to me with the door open and a gift on the bed. starts un-wrapping herself, and i'm like: 'wait, i'm still trying to recall who you are' but she's too quick. makes me cum before my memory comes back. aaaaah.:-)

she drinks a full glass of petroleum. she is hot so the friction between us brings her into flames and she goes up in smoke through the air-vent. 'i stil can't recall who she is.... wait.... aren't i supposed to be screaming?.... AAAAAAH!!!!'

My dad again: 'we're trying to sleep here, can't you shut up and do the same?'

'no i'm out. this house is haunted'

outside weather is much warmer than the treatment i'm getting inside.

so i take a stroll down 8mile road. i see dog and a bitch arguing about paying maintenance. he's got no time for all that. he pisses on his baby mama and carries on puffing weed with other dogs who are planning how they'll go about disturbing the cipher that the cats are having a few meters away.

i decide to change direction, i don't wanna disturb the rat convoy. they are relocating to a place closer to the butchery.

me being my famous self. the trees recognise me and start waving at me. so i do a 360 degree turn in my Ford focus ST.

then another 360, and another and another. i start spinning wildly, get dizzy and fall.

before could get up, an elephant steps on my chest and walks on bye without noticing me. its rather noisy and hot in the streets of Bombay, this is the main spice market and i have a blocked nose.

i sneeze so hard that the elephants get irritated and they showering me with their trunks. so much water, the force pushes me down to the floor of the dam. a seal barks at me so i swim up to the surface and i run on the water so fast that i cannot stop in time to prevent myself from colliding with the boat... i faint.

and when i woke up i was wet and the flu wasn't gone.

eish... the effects of med-lemon.
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Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:32 pm

Damnnnnn lol!

c razy piece nevilbee,

crazy.... :lol:
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Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:01 am

Dreams! You can be in India in some bathroom, you open the door to your room and you are in Spain.Nice one Nevil but I think it's more of a prose than poetry because of the full sentences and lack of rhyme...It's great but poetry appeals more..I think!

[quote name="nevilbee"]

i stand up and my room comes to me with the door open


Thats my fav line,placed a nice smile on me face :D

Nice one poet.
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Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:16 am

damn dats like d best piece iv read all ma life...nd i mean ain poetry but its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................yo mein i relate wit dat 1 like no oda person living on earth....cos dats my life u wrote der....believe it or nt......nd d concept....sheesh mein.......u should hv called wen i got high...hehe..........cheers mein..........needless 2 add.....GANJA MAN UNITE!!!!.........JAH BLESS...hehe :lol:
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Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:22 pm

[quote name="Ghostic"]but I think it's more of a prose than poetry .[/quote]

to be honest with you this wasn't intended as a poem when i wrote it. it was just a facebook note. but i thought it would be good enough to share with you guys over hear on AHH.

[quote name="b boy"]damn dats like d best piece iv read all ma life...[/quote]

SAY WAAAAAT!!!!?[/size] is you for real, man. damn that means a lot to me, yo.

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Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:03 pm

Poetic dreams?!..lulz

This piece is mad got lots of twists that makes the reader a part of the dream...I jus' wish that you took a lil time to re-construct it, it would jus' be one hell of an amazing piece of poetry.

Poetic Seraph
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Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:24 am

ok, no poetry, but still funny as hell! thx for sharing
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