#1 RULE for new poets

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Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:55 pm

First of all: welcome to AHH. I'm glad you found this place and decided to become part of the AHH poetry family.

We have 1 important rule here:

If you are a new poet, we expect you to give feedback (read and comment) to 3 poems of other AHH poets, before posting your own. This in order to keep this place active and provide it to become a place where everybody just posts their work and nobody gets any feedback. So feed before you post. Please be constructive and respectful in your comment to other peoples work and they will be in theirs.

Every poet will appreciate your feedback, but if possible, please write something more than just 'nice drop' or whatever. Maybe quote your favorite lines, or let the poet know how the poem made you feel or what you think it's about. It will be more motivating for other poets to give those few extra lines of feedback to your work, too.

If we see that you have posted your work on AHH poetry without giving feedback to other poets, your thread will be locked (no one will be able to leave a comment to your poem) until you have followed this 1 important rule.

Again, welcome here and get active!
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Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:28 am

That's so true my fan , i am new so i will do that. Thanx soulmate
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Nuff Respect to the rule. Y I am here will be known to ALL in time. In the mean time I will give respect due.

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Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:16 pm

I reckon this must be the most active thread...something need to be done about the others!
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pips shud peep other new pieces n atleast drop a feed man,sometimes it sucks writin shit n u never get to know how the piece is,generally speaking..lets give out opinions on how the piece is fairin critically,peace.
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[quote name="zedhiphophead"]I reckon this must be the most active thread...something need to be done about the others![/quote]

yeah,dats aight
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