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Thu Jun 17, 2004 11:04 am

one luv one family i was told

since birth i'm still searchin' 4 real luv to hold

maybe am conceived to be in thiz position

but it took a while b4 i came up wit thiz mission

Luv gotto do wit pain let me explain

4 seasons of life ,thiz word brought pain

my past relationship wat did i achieve

broken hearted in a cold way maybe i was greed'

it couldn't be

i'm passionate about everythang

i tried to make it happen

wit my own family

she got a bad attitude , ain't no prejudice

she kicked me out of home now i'm left alone

i tried to compromise but she failed to realise

wat iz mean't keepin' family life intact

she took my lil' boy i'm left wit an empty soul

broken heart shed tearz where do i go
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Tue Jan 18, 2005 9:39 pm

loneness is isolation is with thing you love from the hart it's thosen't matter how objects look or a person matter to you and your soul or spirit it castthe hart in another light from being an organ of major protense to the energy that drive the soul and hart of personality and spirtrual of our imagination of determanation of the supernatrual energy of love appreceivation of ourself and others and a republic thought and consecience of our energy of our hart and also our soul and other :wink:
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