Never date a poet


Poetic Seraph
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Sun May 25, 2008 6:04 pm

** author's note: this poem was intended to be like a 'conversation' so it's kept simple on purpose **

When we start dating

We all discover our preferences

That we keep on the back burner

For future references

Some men like their women small and skinny

Some like 'em curved

Like an ancient goddess of virtility

Some like 'em white, some like 'em black

Some like 'em latino, asian or mixed

But lets face it

Most men like all of that

Some like their woman as they like their food

Easy and cheap and fast

Risky for ur health

But apparently

Some men can see the adventure in that

There are patient men who will wine and dine you

There are respectful men who will try to get to know you

There are men who will settle

For anything with a breath

And then there are men

Who want to date a poet...


When u want to date a poet

U need to realize that

Everything comes in extremes

Emotions are never just emotions

Her love will be doubled and

Her pain will be tripled and

Her confusion will leave u

Mentally crippled and

Ur lovemaking will be supreme

Once she wrote about it

Know that

U can never replace her pen and pad

But u could be a subject in it

U will love how

She makes last night sound

Like two gods melting together

In the passionate fire of paradise

While it was nothing more that

Pure lust

She will write u poems

That will make single people go:

"Oh I want someone to write me a poem like that"

And she will write u poems

That will make married couples go:

" Why dont u ever write me a poem like that?"

When it's all sugar and spice

And everything nice

U will fall in love with the words

That drip off her lips

Her good night wishes

Followed by soft sweet kisses

Will hum u to sleep

And she will watch u while

The next poem is holding her

In it's grip

But when u fuck up...

When u fuck up

U'll be verbally slashed

Ur ego will be lyrically trashed

U'll learn about those annoying habits

U never knew u had

When she writes u that 'warning' poem

In which she tells u


How she wants to

Cut of ur dick, slash it up in pieces and

Feed it to the dog that u gave her

For ur first anniversary

U take that shit literally

And one year later

When she writes about

The best friend she ever had

And how u broke her heart

When u grew apart

U'll know u did just that

And u will realize that

Dating a poet

Wasnt that bad

Copyright 2008 Poetic Seraph
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Mon May 26, 2008 1:48 am

I was at dinner with a friend of mine yesterday evening and I told her the same thing...then I get on AHH and I see it done the way only a poet can!

Poetic seraph, this is a timeless piece!

Great writing!
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Mon May 26, 2008 9:09 am

:D I'm loving this, jus' the way it is, but this;
...How she wants to

Cut of ur d*ck, slash it up in pieces and

Feed it to the dog that u gave her....
yes that, was hard, it gave me a oouch!! feeling :wink:
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Mon May 26, 2008 6:26 pm

This is AWESOME..

Made me smile, giggle, blush and, finally holla "Yayyy!" in excitement... in front of about 9 other very serious looking people in the internet cafe lol.. This one's for the books!

Lovely, PS :)

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Tue May 27, 2008 4:09 pm

I still can't get enough of this work. It's timeless and thought-provoking!

I'm a poet myself and I do feel that my ability to empathise and put myself in other people's shoes means that I am more emotional and sensitive than other people.

It's a gift and a curse at the same time but hey, I wouldn't trade in my gift for anything in the world!

Poetic Seraph, I doff my hat to you!
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Tue May 27, 2008 5:43 pm

When u f*ck up

U'll be verbally slashed


Ur ego will be lyrically trashed

damn u flipped it hard u punch


Overall the piece was Ok,i liked it much, can't really quote cuz the whole drop was OK...real thing's goin on..nice topic,interesting piece.
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Tue May 27, 2008 9:38 pm

well. emmmmmmmmmmm i dunno about dating a poet but it sound like something i would love to try. the piece was good.. very goo. keep inking!
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Wed May 28, 2008 12:17 pm


LoL! Yea, poets are qutie complex people...but personaly, the best people to date are artists or musicians or poets!! :mrgreen:

...u learn more, u feel more, and they are people you will neva 4get... 8)

nice one!

1love poets!!
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Wed May 28, 2008 2:57 pm

with a poet you always get triple the dosage you would get from anybody and truth is they would never tell you they love you unless they meant it. poets are real...give me a poet any day
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Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:50 am

I love it man... If you have ever dated a poet, you'll know that Poetic Seraph ain't lying... I love this piece, so true... poetic Seraph, you're a poet right? Can i date you?
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