How do you say these in swahili?


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Hey man.

Kiswahili Syntax is somehow different from English so it is hard to give a straight translation of those words,but let me try to put it like this,starting with "The"

"the" in English is an article which is used before a noun which has already been I ate an apple

The apple was sweet

The is also used before nouns which are not man made like The sky,the ground........

*In Kiswahili we dont have articles like that.We just start a sentence although sometimes those gapes are filled by other words like:

Nilikula chungwa

Lile chungwa lilikuwa tamu

*But "lile" here is not an article but is just a gape filler and it could be also come after chungwa

*So in short We dont have a word in kiswahili which stands for "the" in English

"is" in English performs different roles.Look in the following sentenses:

1.Juma4 is a boy

*In this case "is"="ni" in Kiswahili,Thus that sentense can be put like this in kiswahili

Juma4 ni mvulana

2.Juma4 is going to the market

*Here is has been used as helping verb but in kiswahili we dont have helping verbs in present continous tense.hence in kiswahili we would say:

Juma4 anakwenda sokoni

*So in short "is" is taken in kiswahili as "ni"[refer example 1.]

*opposite of "is" is "is not"[isn't]

*opposite of "ni" is "si"or"sio"

Hope I've tried to put it clear.
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Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:31 pm

Yeah, those are much simple:

1.Angel in Swahili is Malaika

2.There are several word in Swahili standing for devil though the most common is Shetani.Other words are ibilisi and pepo
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