Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:55 am

Dreams without actions remain dreams/

That’s why I keep grinding, climax is where it leads/

Drop early morning freestyles, now they calling me day walker/

Ingratiating manners these MCs are sweet talkers/

Ain’t Wesley Snipes but I use words like blades/

Watch me cut these lame cats into shapes/

Sick wordplay they screaming he’s ill/

I still can’t be hidden, I’m the light up the hill/

Truth they say is bitter, no wonder I give it to them raw/

Frown if you want to, I’m still coming through like a saw/

Stone hearted bastards, they are nothing different from Saul/

And ain’t letting go until they turn Paul/

Back-and-forth motions, I simply can’t be stopped/

Talk recklessly and they get popped/

My lines knocks MCs out of their senses/

These MCs are albinos so I bought them lenses/

Too many lines now their eyes bleed/

I will still be killing these niggaz until they plead/

Lyrical prodigy, this is God given/

No man made, am God chosen/

They say my approach is complex/

I tell them to forget their old ways like their ex/

No guns just truth, they still got milk tooth/

No talent and they holding the mic,

Somebody kick them out of the booth/

Truth syndical, I was appointed to re-structure/

Rotten heads should be feed to the vulture/

Real talk I still ain’t yakking/

Nobody else to do this, I won’t stop writing/

They won’t get it until they get bruised/

Mixed feelings, MCs are still confused/

I am their backbone, they can call me the spine/

I am done for today, it’s getting past 9/
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Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:48 pm

I’m here now so you can knock your head against the wall/

Ignoramus hate ‘cos what I say is conscious but I refuse to fall/

Catch me if you can like Leonardo DiCaprio/

Am way ahead of them as if I teleported like Subzero/

Your favourite rhyme supplier, there is still none higher/

Some will say am Mason if I say am hip hop messiah/

So am keeping my views to myself like a Mason/

I burn MCs like pepsi did Michael Jackson/

I still got more crossover appeal than weed/

Mr. Matrix follow my blueprint and you might bleed/

They stressed up and I haven’t even reached the apex/

I clean fake cats off the scene with the Tipp-Ex/

Tell them to get their mind right/

‘Cos there is no shortcut to limelight/

I’m still on their tail with my searchlight/

No homo please don’t feel contrite/

The light shining my way looks bright/

Cut me lose and I will fly high like a kite/

I can’t be solved am a mystery/

They can’t be like shine, the rest is history/

And when I say am the future/

MCs get it twisted like a twisted suture/

They refuse to acknowledge/

‘Cos they can’t stand it when I kick knowledge/

Too many rhymes I revived this shit/

Hip hop in my veins, I still won’t quit/

The next generation of hip hop, they call us the x-generation/

We bringing creativity into the scene, 21th century invention/

Little money and GONGO ASO like 9ice/

They generate random numbers like a dice/

Come on now don’t think they are nice/

They camouflage attitude but they've got vice/
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Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:50 pm

Facts and figures I got it in essence/

Time for change enough of their pretence/

You all have been deceived thinking you worshiping God/

Hell is there place, self made gods, I refute mini gods/

Masonic signs all around you/

New world order it seems they need you/

Am about to talk again/ I hope they listening/

Lend me your ears/ can you stop moving/

Outrageous, defines what the Catholic Church has done to the world/

They influenced Nazi holocaust, they should be held to the sword/

Over six millions wasted tell me where’s the love/

Yet their garment is as pure as that of a dove/

Uncovering history now my soul itch/

Each facts make my wanna twitch/

Past and present, their existence was built lies/

Even the future is getting toyed with like supplies/

Priests touching altar boys uhm sodomites/

Shit is embarrassing so I won’t be polite/

The truth is here I know they ain’t feeling it/

Ain’t trying to be righteous but am still not feeling it/

Blood shed all in the name of religion/

Wasted life’s there is no justification/

Christianity is dead, they are responsible for killing it/

I am not Nas but I am announcing it/

Sell their souls for earthly desire/

Suckers will perish in hell for all they acquire/

The 95 theses, I am telling the world of their spree/

Put their dirty clothes out for the world to see/

Jesus Christ is lord, it seems he had a baby/

I was raised with lies, the whole shit looks shady/

Fuck what y’all think of views/

My mind is made up, the fact glues/

worship God in your room and pray to him there most of these churches are gimmick...
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Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:28 pm

Alright it's over now, I'm coming man, the soldier is out

Sober now, here to put some people below the ground//

When I squeeze shit, it won't be the nose you sneeze with

Shaz leave your head like the thing they shred chesse with//

Hustling? Be honest you're just another broke kid

Quit lying! the only bags you keep are under your eyelids//

You weak kid, they talk sh*t but I stay quite speechless

Then when I drop bombs, they want to explain they self like thesis//

And of course I was raised on battle rhymes and promotion

All about who's nice, who's tight and who's the dopest//

All the cats that came at me, they learned the cost of beef

And stop the audio, you couldn't carry a tune in a bucket//

Use to kelp when they frowned but now I'd just remove them jaws and make it permanent

So everytime them go talkin' them sound like em got speech impediment//

They ain't tight, none of y'all are, you're slower than breaklights

How are you supposed to blaze mics when you got nuffin buty stage fright!!//

You have never been on stage, no one will hear you speak

But I've been playing bars and shows since i was fucking fifteen//

I'm relaxing now, u've seen me reel in a nu style

Who's next? letz c how deep you're in freestyle//

@ i-shine,

wha it do, bruv?
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Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:47 pm

They influenced Nazi holocaust, they should be held to the sword/

Over six millions wasted tell me where’s the love
Who's next? letz c how deep you're in freestyle
Loving the movement on this page.I-shine wut it do? u's def putting in work here

Hark o herald,I send nigz back 2 da rear like a navy admiral

they be steady yapping ish dat has no bearing

Hot scorching, so hang ur sweaters

A big bang! dispatched the parcel bearer

with a letter bomb,dont get along or hang

with freaks-8 legged or arachnids

Need no latch key,i hack in-to ur memory card

Then smashed it to BITS, u got demoted in rank

plus i revoked ur hackney,permit

Rock like lenny kravitz,wont share my SPOT like a hermit

save for my rashes, acne and zits

while we discussed disarmaments and truces

y'all sent troops- so pull em back like a prepuce,

Wat?was u drunk off crunk juice,sluiced with grey goose?

Meet d early bird dats wakes up the roosters,u lose nap time

Happier than shrek playing with fiona's weave on

A Nappy headed pimp who's also gives to missions

and poor kids who cant wait to rip off the present's ribbons

hence,distress calls be flooding my inbox by the dozens,

pagers be buzzing,

talk bout corporate take overs and mergers,

got irate mobs to lynch ur supporters and contacts

should've insured urself against sudden conflicts

and curbed ur impulse eating,u've gotten fat off ill gotten

wealth and soliciting funds from wild party liaisons

but there's, no next encore ,4 ya,i'm a con-queror like william

i down ur lockheed ,martin aircraft and submerge em

in a steaming,cauldron so see spock and run like

funk doctor's come,got it locked like lost PIN codes on phones

God's favourite, with a patented signature audio tune
Radio B
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Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:37 pm

Im the mind master behind these bastards

u cud listen to me slow or i cud rhyme faster/

just wanted to make sure u cud 'decipher' those 'deceive' thoughts

caught on the mixtape when im in the cypher/

i'll give u blood clots unravel ur life plus the prophecies unfurled

call me the bard(best) of spoken word...i blow the minds of the world/

inhale a kilo of RADIOactives with each fresh breath

the flows got u overdose on codeine/

like u need a cold clean shower

i'll devour ur soul, i rhyme with more hate then, inside ur head ,watching the towers' collapsin u/

got them screaming like in showers with the jacksons

cats get to yappin best,bet ima get to clappin/

when i spit my tongue and cheek fight words

so u best take ur tongue and teeth and bite yours/
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Sat Mar 22, 2008 10:54 am

Hey yo ya,ll guess whose here ,none other else but tha damager .

i rep tha streets and the projects ,verbal assassin terminating all your subjects,ferociuos concepts,ur chit chatting is nonsense.who wanna battle send the word ,lets get hoppin ,vernomous murderous hiphop i aint stoppin.ya,;; stop bluffin ,chokin dats why you coughin,plus u get murdered while i hop on ur coffin.

bring ur beefs i ma eat up raw thats carnivorous.feed on ur dead bodies rap style kinda nefarious

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Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:08 pm

iam kno dis ma spot so im not leavin the game

ima deframe the fame of wack and lame

nicca still spit saliva its a shame

rap 101 bout to teach ya the game so pay attention

murda emcees wit one occasion shoot them like a movie stop that action

like MC SKILLz im bringin back mc education

nicca talk shit when time fo war they start appeallin

see me in de streets O.G styles gamin im leanin

im a hunter i let ma prey fill the heat

ahh is a jungle u r surrounded by beast dat goin chew anything like beef
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Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:52 am

warm aint this in a while........

yo yo yo

my freestyles are wild they beating like an abused child/

im laughing at you dudes, so how you like me now/

you dudes need to step down and let panther comeback and claim the crown/

im taking all there oxigen...watching these dudes drown/

only time these dudes are spittin, is when my flows are coming out there mouth /

they reading my flows like who you talking about...nobody...just let yal know what panther's about /

im high off beats, so im buzz like light year...yes im a this cuz sh*t right here /

for dudes think they fading me...there better off with light beer /
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