Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:04 pm

was bored and just freestylin to redman lets get dirty

now i do not have cash flow

but all i need is my lyrical laso

destroy emcees with a strong mass hold

need feed i swallow a bass whole

how can you say i dont rip it up

throw up in your mouth now am i sick enough

getting tired need a little pick me up

dr pepper and chicken only things lifting much

im sinking ships like polar ice caps

im heard more about than wife slaps

stay underground raw never high class

lungs healthy medical test you know i pass

if you fall off youll never see me in sympathy

cause for ever my style in-te-gritty (integrity)

cant stop me i destroy your thin committee

dont gamble dont risk it cause ill win every fee

no copies i keep re-producing like an ovary

your complex? nah nothing will go over me

morphine is the only thing slowing me

no my talents so i always soak in glee

hyper active i have no self esteem

not rich but in rhymes wealth is me

commercial fucks on a selling spree

inflicting pain on self only time you felt happy

repo-man im taking over your residence

and murking all your elements

like theories you have no evidence

so your style has no relevance
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Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:25 pm

saw shades of grey till had my lens fixed,,

Braids was too tight till hair ends split

Seizing like an epileptic

The spots of internet emcees,

we aint agemates, a columnist like tunji braithwaite

Pushing freight weight ever so gallantly

i's emblematic of what talent be,

play my cards face up here's ur wake up

call like a donkeys bray so break out da cage

maneuvuer the bends in my benz,through my louvers

peep out crowded streets,

straight violent stalinist,marchin to the czar's palace

Pop's An adventist,serve up a silent treat,wait till i tell and kiss,

telekinesis without my ten phalanges, deliver on my first take

F adrenaline drips , i empties crates

Dont Quench the spirit,Come learn treason,without a lectern

King of Salem meets sexy elektra carmen and birth a brain child

like the mastectomized,it's hard to keep a-breast

and keep it fresh, fast out of breath,join the fitness test

not 4 the weak of chest,we possess the largesse

Gather at this web address,Get it first before it hits the press
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Wed Dec 26, 2007 1:24 am

OG style look simple and operate strategically/

Bring wisdom to your door step periodically/

No weed smoker/

'Cos ain't no dope seller/

But am wadding you niggaz 'because I a rhyme spitter/

Original metaphor kicker/

Blood they say is ticker than water/

That’s why I don't trust you niggaz like David Sautter/

Act like you hardcore and I will make it hard for you/

Bullet wounds stop your buffoonery fool/

You've seen the structure of the verbs I scribbled/

Mixed with the rap skills that I mastered/

Leaving fingerprints on my rhymes as if am a serial killer/

Rap detective scanning through materials but they all dusty miller/

Rhymes make niggaz freeze like subzero/

Indestructible syllabus yea this is rap KO/

Write everyday like your daily times editor/

Thump on this weak niggaz like a predator/

Make you an offer you can’t reject no doubt am rap God Father/

Kiss the ring in my middle finger like you that loyal/

Keep a low profile ‘cos they’ve been trying to lock me like Cassidy/

Keep your music in the bin ‘because it’s a madcap CD/

Flip the pages of rap constitution to chapter 14/

You'll see why my rap is winning souls of immature teens/

What you think am going lose?/

Nah this rap shit is infused/
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Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:16 am

Dyeem I smell dope up in this b***h.

I need me some time to catch ma breath.
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Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:10 am

It's new year gawds I couldn't help it but to niggaz have got to keep this thread on the top, you know what I mean ;)

~check it~

Lyrical sniper I hope you got your helmet on like S.W.A.T operatives/

Don’t blame me am just addicted to slaying defenceless emcees believes/

Everybody from your so called legends getting defecated on/ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Even your gawds get straight jabs and wild bolo punches son/ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Lyrically at the top of my game, yea that’s my claim/

They just lame like crippled couples I revoke their fame/ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Off the wall like Marcellus Hall/

These other niggaz is enthrall/

Spit on niggaz rhymes like I manufacture saliva voluntarily/ :evil:

Lyrical bullet make niggaz drop dead like am from Philly/

Inspiring scornful pity I hope they realize their actions/

A dissenting clique, niggaz been seeking fame through intrigue distractions/

Ardent and unsuccessful haters can be mad when they losing/

But they can’t stop the reign ‘cos I-Shine has been chosen/

They get frozen trying to spill water on the floor so that I can plummet/

While they were still plotting downfall I-Shine is at the summit/

Submit their rhyme books for recycling ‘cos their shit wasn’t rhyming/ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Am an igniter ‘cos I initiate the burning of their materials while laughing/ :evil: :evil: :evil:

Did everything they could but shine is still not an outcast/

With all their talking, I’ve mastered this rap shit at long last/

Trying to smile but they nothing but my past/

And am still loving this solo blast/

Don’t they see why talent is so vast/

Measure up to them? No niggaz I surpass/

And when they see me coming they did better run fast/

They’ve broken off and am the jury mast/

Pure English no vernaculars that’s why am tight/

They rhyme shy and am bringing Naija into limelight/

Make them quit their rap ‘cos the champ is here/

How can they ignore this when I am modo’s heir/ :lol: :lol: :lol: In my dreams

This are my bars of fury yea I’m furious/

They still doubting ‘cos their weak minds are curious/
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Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:21 pm

Time to bless the joint...

~check it~

Scribble hot lines that burn their eyelids/

Words threaded like a string of beads/

Niggaz talking without skills, call them John Dundon/

So when I say lawn~done, I don’t mean London/

Niggaz thinking with their dick as if they George Bush/

Attack without a reason, no wonder they kick push/

Want everything for themselves, they just greedy/

Trying to be the best without skills like Diddy/

Leave fake emcees on the side wall like Teckzilla/

Crush their status like the real Godzilla/

21st century story teller shine is getting paid with the teller/

No wonder they call me rhyme-X, yea I’m rhyme crusher/

They fly on a chop-stick, am fly on a Pegasus like Lupe Fiasco/

Turn the table around each time I score like a golf pro/

That means am fearless don’t test me ‘cos am brainless/

Trying to be cool but why are they trying impress/

Behavior like a smoke shit will always surface/

Stabbed me from behind so am keeping the space/

Don’t they know I run this place without kingship/

And am the reason the place has remained unstable with the pen grip/

Childhood made me this heartless/

And I love my darkness/

Sacrificial lamb but I refuse to be a Martyr/

Did as if I saw nothing mama said am smarter/

Black Ajax mislead them and turn around/

Rap beast but I camouflage with the academic gown/

And from the skulls of the heads that I rule/

These fools are off limit so I make them cool/

No rhyme kicker so I send them back to preschool/

I am the Divine bitch april fool/

Niggaz die trying to play my game/

It ain’t my fault they were just in search of fame/
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Mon Jan 07, 2008 9:12 am

I'm back again...and where all these emcees at?

~check it~

Niggaz talking that they riders, I just seize the key to their range rover/

How they going move when am with the key, this is game over/

These wack emcees no! I’m A double H most wanted/

In the face of death I stay Undaunted/

Leave their chest open like a surgeon/

This is no threat, it’s a promise little sturgeon/

Put them on the game but ain’t The Game though/

Block their source now how they going flow/

Am the emcee with the sick rhymes/

And I will still take them to bloody war a thousand times/

Tell them to keep moving this is mad skill/

Got a problem with that? Then am going kill/

Rock Khakis and ain’t from the West/

Am up North chilling on a breast/

Pay per view lines better start paying your subscriptions/

Adapted with ease am loving this transcriptions/

Time’s up so bring the heat and stop the talking/

Running their mouth like BORAT niggaz be gawking/

Bring a knife to a gun fight, how they win?

Leave them underground, bury them with their sin/

Put his heart on his lap like The Mummy/

Scared like a child nigga is screaming mummy/

Made my intention clear that I am looking for enemies/

Put your hands up and I will cut you like Jerome Genabis/

Writing on the wall nigga read the letter/

Bore hole through your chest nigga this is ether/

Rhyme-X with the flow, ask your ho/

Slice his tongue now he’s talking French, il faire beau/

Yo kiss the game goodbye/

Nigga was losing so he searched for Alibis/

Wasn’t growing mentally so I feed him with the lye/

Lie to rise I might have to make him die with the tie/
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Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:57 pm

[quote name="nfeeltraita"]saw shades of grey till had my lens fixed,,

Braids was too tight till hair ends split

like the mastectomized,it's hard to keep a-breast


[quote name="I-Shine"]

Niggaz talking that they riders, I just seize the key to their range rover/

How they going move when am with the key, this is game over/


hehehe.....lemme jump in on this

I'm a mean individual/ My team's indivisible/

we could war like Kenyans...and let the beef be political/

shots make you evaporate/ when the ratchet spray/

then I run past the lake/ and toss the gat away/

My guns don't jam, they Jam Master Jay/

if the camera's catch the case/ I snatch the tape!/

Next Saturday/ you're found face down, floating in a trench/

Your body won't sink....cos you're not that dense!/

If a nigga think he Teflon, my gun'll peel him/

I ain't no kids fairytale....but I rumple-steel-skin !/ (Rumpelsteilskin)
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