One Rebel Against One Police State....... (Song Lyric)

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Comrade: aaaaah.... Damn Devious! Our soldiers are dying in the battlefield...

DeVious_Wordplay: I am well aware... May the souls of those Martyrs rest in peace.

Comrade: So... What's the next move? You got any plans?

DeVious_Wordplay: No....

Comrade: Then??? are we just gonna sit and die here???

DeVious_Wordplay: [aims at Comrade and shoots him!]

[.......The comrade is dead...] do not come to war to plan how you can escape or go home alive... A true martyr fights until death, with the last drop of blood in his body.... This is a fight till the end...

[DeVious_Wordplay leaves for the battlefield]

[Verse One]

This world is full of racism, mechanisms of fascism /

Devilish mannerism facilitating corporate Zionism /

I smell like dead bodies in mass prison /

Fight for freedom! Why you ask reason?

They launch cruise missiles at Osama & Saddam’s thugs /

But the “War on Terror” is truly ‘War for Drugs (opium) /

Tanks shooting Iraqis, as Devil’s army stomps /

Blowing Lebanese children with Cluster Bombs /

I master storms with devious wordplays /

Preaching the Truth as my words slays /

I start to get severe like the droughts in Kenya /

Guerilla Warfare in heart of modern Babylonia /

Trapped in a web of insurgency & Xenophobia /

While reverse of civilization takes place in Mesopotamia /

Where peace is priceless as the death toll rises, a nation in crises, damage ain’t minimal /

“Human rights” is a hoax programmed by war criminal /

And pawns of vulture capitalism, serving imperialism and bankers’ agendas /

Playing “God” with people like Prophet Pretenders /

I destroy all contenders & then smash the glass face /

With a style more ruthless than predatory class race //
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Fri Dec 15, 2006 9:47 pm

Its a song lyric.... Wrote it last year and edited a bit..

Hoping to record it soon...

Any constructive criticism will be very much appreciated.
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man tht was some straight sick conscious piece over there..

mad props..more inspiration bruv..

it kinda sounds immortal least am not the only crazy fan of tech u know..

hahha mad props...

Sike The God
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Dopeness.. props man.. felt every line in that verse.. even the skit kinda sparked somethin..

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Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:56 am

Thanks Nii and Sike, much appreciated. I ain't even close to the dopeness of Tech... Subject matter might be similar at times... Basically few members of my family were bombed to death in Iraq... So I took up the pen to write something..
theme elohim
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yo, I am dialling yo number right now its failing to go thru. Man I'm sorry about fam, I feel yo pain god...I will keep trying...

Killa verse know the irony of innocent people dying so that some other ass;oles can oil their egos is just pathetic... :x
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That's a very good intro U got and it kinda brought back old memories of an arguement that Soldiers are like Angels,they don't get forgiven. U got a good story to tell dude and U tellin it ryte.
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@ Theme, sup homie? Thanks man.... oh yeah, I lost my sim card. Can't seem to find it anywhere... I will holla at you when I find it.

@ Kaydee, thanks bro. yeah... like Tupac said, "wars come and go, but my soldiers live eternally". something like that...

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constructive critism....hehe i see somfin i think i wanna address...ya lines were tight ...but if u take a look at tha um is it a battle verse or is it aboout our pain in this world....cos u brought in some lines at tha end that left to me...shouldnt be there...i think maybe sharing ur solution to tha problem at tha end of tha verse will make much more educating....jus ma opinion... haterz dont hate
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