Massey vs. 100 Bars.. Round 2! READY FOR SOME VOTES!!!

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Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:08 pm

If Boggie is right by saying UE judges battles on Multies... Damn! I'mma go there right now... Doubt ya can match me when I come all out with multies....
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 8:15 pm

Bet u gone take they tittle over there but u could be charged for treason lol. son, who's ya mentor in the game cos u pack alotta multis like nobody i've known in the game except mf doom, papoose, eminem,big L and jadakiss.think it may be one of these cats.
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 8:54 pm

guess its 4-1

uppin n y'all ue members go back to ur site n t6ake kia of ur ish here we run ds not u mofos
Sike The God
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:37 pm

we're inspired by niggaz like Talib, Common, Dead Prez, Nas, Pete Rock etc.
Lmao, I'm on some other tip, dead prez is ok..

Sikes list: Immortal Technique, Jedi mind tricks, Virtuoso and Cannibus.. a few others but mostly them..
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:38 pm

[quote name="Boggie1"]
[quote name="dissturbed"]
[quote name="DeVious_Wordplay"]yeah Logic... And I checked out UE fo a minute.. Naaah.. Its mostly hype. They get stressed out seeing AHH cats there and start dissin' em.. Pathetic...[/quote]

yeah....and ive completely KO'ed the cats who've challenged me.

you guys think that multis and intelligent vocab are gonna win a battle


try that in real life homie

doesn't cut it

humor, and punches.[/quote]

yo P3AC3, its you guys who think that multis win battles, look at Conflicted's breakdown, you'll see what i mean...

even on Soundclick it was the same thing, my battle with you, some cat said my verse just wasnt, why cos i aint cracking jokes and all...its cool...Just what i was saying about the fact we both look for different shits in verses, coming from here, we're inspired by niggaz like Talib, Common, Dead Prez, Nas, Pete Rock etc. thats why Sike's verse against ABZ was like that to you guyz, just too abstract, i would know how to win battles on your site, pump in the humor along with multis...thats all y'all look for....

Just my 2 nickles[/quote]

look at the bold, and then look at your first sentence. if you're gonna quote me, you should probably read what it says.

i listen to the same shit you do homie, from nas to kweli to em to fort minor, you name it, i probably listen to it

ive also seen a lot of text battles online, ive been doing this for a year and a half now.

humor is an amplifier for punchline damage, its common sense, so if someone has punches with humor, and the other dude just has punches, im gonna vote for the dude that made me laugh with them.
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:45 pm

but abstract shit where you compare the opponent to trees is worthless
Just to correct you, nothing is ever worthless or weak in battles, just depends on how creative you come with it.. you could be dissin cats about suckin loli-pops, eg, you.. and that'd be fuckin dope in battle because of the truth behind it!!!..

And comparing trees.. lol, I've heard cats come with dope sh!t that just made me laugh..

"If you dope?, then I'll smoke your whole family tree".. lmao, I find that funny and creative.. say what Ya want ya homosexual nympho.. anyway..
if nothing is ever worthless or weak in battles, then this might as well be little league baseball, where there aren't any points, and everybody always wins!!


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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:55 pm

lol i gotta disagree with yall.. go battle at ue.. every flaw in your drop gets pointed out.. its a place where you elevate fast.. ive elevated alot since i started there.. im came here after i battled there for a few weeks and amazed all yall.. ive only keyed every drop ive posted on here.. and yall still think im sick.. but ive only been happy about drops ive made on intel.. theres only a few cats worth a battle on this site.. sike, nii, intel, rhyme2die, linkris, and this Devious WordPLay aint bad.. the rest of yall need to elevate.. and ask cracka thin.. it aint good when im tellin you this.. haha..
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:58 pm

Ima leave 100 Bars 'picture perfect', its precision when-I-slice-incisions//

I got murderous envisions, turnin competition into death-coarse-collisions//

nice vocab, no real attack here tho, just kinda threats....

Juss head-for-morticians, cause the pain that i cause will be traumatic//

You only spit 'dope lines' sittin behind 'bars' rappin bout 'drug-addicts'//

ehh....played second line....first line is filler

What to say about illness, homie you-lack-it, my punchlines-are-dramatic//

Got this lil punk breathing harder than frantic-twin-asthamatics//

first line is filler, second is kinda funny

On the real yeh rhymes are wrestling-theatrics, massey's bringin the heat//

This kid couldnt spit with 'knowledge' if he spit out '100' 'wisdom-teeth'//

first line is kinda stupid....second is clever

Im done with you fake rap-bitches, now you'll get slain-by-the-blades//

Now i got '100 bars' feelin special like he leads in gay-pride-parades//

first line is alright, second is funny

Leavin 'bars' brains sprayed-in-the-shade, soon the whole board-will-know//

That massey left bars 'shook' worse than 'epileptics' in minus-twenty-below//

ehh first line is filler, second is kinda funny

I'll let-you-know, this is a no-contest cause massey shattered-your-rhymes//

Yo I-steadily-shine so '100 Bars' loss comes in just a matter-of-time//

ehh.....didnt like these lines

I stamp 'wack in your head', punch your 'eyes' backwards, 'get-the-view//

For real this bitch like a 'lost detective', cause bars keeps 'missin-the-clue'//

could have been flipped better on both lines but good attempt

Massey's 'ill' like 'kissin-the-flu', i'll leave your 'heart in cuffs' and 'behind-bars'//

Every 'punch' leaves your ‘head’ more an more 'dazed' and with 'mind-stars'//

didnt like either of these lines

Hit you so fast i left you with blind-scars, i stole a win and ‘ducked-the-crime’/

'Ahh' its obvious 'bars' a ‘dickhead’ and he still cant 'f*ck-with-my-mind'/

stealing a win is kinda implying you cheated.....and the second one is kinda forced

give u tha shock of ya life n leave u in jerky fits

even as clone of a CLOWN n ODB bitch u still cldnt cum up with dirty tricks

nice attempt, decent imagery, kind of forced punch tho

ain a pilot but i've gat friends in high places

bitch u cant stand in my way like open spaces

that first line was bad.....the second one was clever.

dats y u keep runnin ur mouth like loose bowels

battlin u will get mii punished 4 bullying and abuse of ma prowess

ehh first line is alright, second one could use some work

fool u wear helmets jst in case ur computer crashes

u never hit the mark like u attended dumb shooter's classes

ha @ the first line, second line is alright wordplay

like joggers that overslept bitch u keep runnig late

joggin behind bars is tha only way u ma runnin mate

first line is clever.....second line is played no matter what.

i spit 9's n 11's all i bring ds bastards is tragic disaster

only as my drill master is d only time u can march(match) ds master

umm....didnt like either of these lines

u more outdated than expired drugs

cos even as a bad pyromaniac u clnt match mii if u get fired up

ehh @ first line....second one is creative

like quicksand bitch i can see u full of weak spot

u of small caliber bitch y r u so keen on takin on big shot

ehhh....didnt like either of these

in ue u always appear on all victim list

cos u tha weakest link like a recessive gene

lmao @ the personal.....but wheres the rhyme?

Multiple Assualts on Stupid pricks in Skirts Eternally Yappin

common fag hold ya d*ck and jst wrap it

ehhh....forced first line....really gay second finishing line

I'll be honest, this was a tie.

Massey had too much filler, and 100 bars had some weak attempts at wordplay.
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:05 pm

thnx 4 tha critics dissturbed

5-2 to mii
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Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:19 pm ... hp?t=10749

what a cheap way to declare urself winner n u want to add my name to ur victim's list u jst bitch thts a sore loser ue cant judge 4 AHH get it.u a retarded prick a dumb fuck

u know say AHH sucks but they aint its jst u tht is an ungrateful wretch
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