A-gon V.S Bad45

Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Fri Mar 17, 2006 9:24 pm

still slaughterin dis jack emcee lyk charge-sheets of E.P.M.Ds,

ur demo leverage at an average where candyman is ugly-n-wack,

so i deform ur style of rap,

so dont dare counter-rap,

u couldnt spill red of me if i allowed u to pull da trigger,

cuz passin me da mic is lyk loadin d sluggs 4 da undisputed-mic slinger,

as i manifest ma dramatic lyrical pages,

u'll bi under punishment sippin volcanic wages,

u just wasted ur talents walkin da thin line btw survival and crime,

dont bi stupid 4 sayin ya wanna dye,

dickrydes u git 4rom ur wack lyrical pages,

been ripped unsuspected by da hex- witch,

wiv deadly spits am rippin u bitch,

ur wack lyk lyric sheets of delta grades,

fuckin disguisin in da hallowen cape???,

i see u,

so am gon xpose u,

cuz u do me no good,

lyk fried potatochips i'll make dis smallboi crisp,

u've always made dat mistake of battlin alone,

nut knowin u takin a nap in ma dangerzone,


chokin-hold of dis paper-playa-pimp-cristal-benzo-beemer lyk dat sound quick,

north hangin u lyk xecuted out laws,

i wrap u up in aluminium foil,

ready to boil,

am nailin u to da kross cuz da cyphaman is dangerous,

u just lyk a hungry runaway blac slave,

accomodatin ur soul dis grave space... :roll:
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Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:34 pm

Shit,this is kid stuff,i dont even have to write this shit i could murda u with a free style...

Unless u used some kind of alien increpsion code//

i failed to read meanin outta ur lines/there'r but a crap load//

Ur flows like a guy on a wheel chair/shit is so lame//

U'd need a miracle to really step up ur game//

You aint hot/ur ice cold and am a blast fun-ace//

battling ur wack ass is a bore/but murderin u is where da Fun-is//

Nigga Ur wackness inspired the"insult to a wack emcee thread"//

ur fuckin with a fatally sick emcee/men u gon'end up dead//

am a one man crowd/i dont need a legion//

to bitch slap ur lame ass/at this rate brah u aint gon' last//

Ur dangerzone to me is like a walk thru a park full o 2 year ol'kids//

tell me/where's da danger in takin a nap in a zone full'o 2 year ol'kids//

need i say mo'/for real i dont see no need to spray mo..//

gotta go now kids i aint no time to play mo...// :wink:


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Mon Mar 20, 2006 3:39 pm

this is from bad45:
u'll bi under punishment sippin volcanic wages,
chokin-hold of dis paper-playa-pimp-cristal-benzo-beemer lyk dat sound quick,
DAMN!, those were Bullsh.t Bars!!!

DAMMIT!! Nigga, ya had me rolling on the floor for like 5 minutes laughing my head and ass off! YO! YO! ZIM, this fella over here needs to be in ya "wackness battle" :D ! to bad45: no hard feelings son, but like Nii Djata once said, "like stair cases, step your rap game up"

in all event a-gon takes it. like cripples said, not much lyrical content, but he had the edge on this one.

word of advice, how about reading Bifkin's manuscript on battle. :wink:. it diesn't take much time. just go up there on the battle forum wit the sticky ish on it-"Shaolin Ten Eating Tiger No Biting Master Bifkin's Manuscript on Text Battle :wink:
Joined:Wed Jul 28, 2004 3:55 am

Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:22 pm

yeah thanx god...can we get mo votes up in here!!!
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Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:52 pm

dayum mayn Agon gat this its too obvious :s hock:
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