battle me horse mothafucka

Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Wed Jul 16, 2003 1:08 pm

yo reply to dis rap, like you should've done from da start

bring on the heat, start me a war

yo horse, you sayin', I be a drag?

but ain't you the one all the niggaz call a fag

if I'd live on the E-Coast, I'd be pushin' the buttons

cuz I'm that hot, even 50'd be forgotten

f*ck now, just playin', fifty is aight

you, on the other hand, would come out beaten after a fight

yeah, I'm only six foot, but I still got some power

ask any girl, I go one for hours

you tryna diss me with your cheap rhyme

i can take you on, any place any time

you'll find me in the plant, smokin' a dime

lightin' a boat, I have a 40 gram sack

and I been waitin' for you, that's why I'm holdin' a Mac

ready to get popped, ready to get wacked ?

byebye bitch, this is your last second

the cops tell you momma you dead but murder was off the record

you ain't enough important to start investigate

maybe it is cuz you momma got you bitch-made

I bet your poppa was drunk when he produced you

and the crackhead you momma is got your luck to reduce, too

yeah I'm talkin' 'bout your momma, i hope you don't mind

but I can't help it she got a huge behind

just tellin' you the truth, and I know, it does hurt

but I can't help it she wears stars and stripes for a skirt

flag on her ass, gotta be fourth of july

what's the matter horse, did I make you cry

oh ain't even got started, wait for my revange

I'll come lookin' for you in your western-assed ranch

when I find you I'll see, that in fact, you're a poney

all your ruff talk has allways been foney

you don't even know, so don't diss me 'homie'
The Lyrical Butcher
Joined:Sat May 10, 2003 7:48 pm

Wed Jul 16, 2003 7:18 pm

..haha..ha..this is a joke right... :lol: ..david think he ready to battle goliath or sumthin...get yo act right young'un....go pick yo nose or

sumthin... :lol:
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Sat Jul 19, 2003 1:50 am

muhahahahahahahahahaaaa ........ Gautier .....

Excuse me, Miss / I got da blueprint 2 abuse me chicks /

Hot flip is a hot chick & Gautier startin’a woo these tricks /

I’m 5 boroughs in 1, bring all u got like Nas with Lost Tapes /

I forge rapes / like white folks settin blacks up with court dates /

Block u off with ma “D”, & force u 2 cough with rough “Styles” /

Off trials / New york styles / key-codes delete u off files /

Bitch respect da game / I’ma Ruff Ryda, better check da name /

The type that put a cash prize on ya head just 2 bet da game /

But fuck it, I’ll rather chill & watch ma baby son spray toys & spit /

Cos you’re like those playboy chicks that just wanna stay moist & shit /

But you’s a virgin across da atlantic, & ma first hit got u drippin /

Fuck ecstasy, it only takes 1 arm-swing 2 get u trippin /

I’m quick 2 display ya limbs like archaeologists in Egypt /

no de-feeting, ya body stayz attached though the “lab” don’t need it /

"I gotta go take care of ma investments." - Tony Montana
Joined:Sat Jul 12, 2003 4:56 pm

Sat Jul 19, 2003 11:54 am

yo don't play me with your tony montana

he's as week as you, looks silly with bandana

and silly without, i guess you just a joke

if you start rappin', the crowd yells choke

cuz the words are in ya throat

but don't come out

and when I hit the mic, i set off the crowd

goin' all loud

I'm 50, pac, and busta combined

splat raps over you, i leave no shit behind

you say i'm digged up, but you the one left in the dessert

dum mothafucka don't even know what Loch Ness is

dog it's a monster as ugly as you

which is digged up out of the ground, fossile too

butcher, don't play me, david did won goliath

yes i'm an underdog, but dog, how dope is that

dum mothafucka don't think you match nas

you ain't god's son, you was raised by way less

and it wasn't josef and sure as hell not maria

she ain't a vigin, i fucked yo momma, so jesus-wannabe, c ya

I might be found in Egypt as they kall me a king

farao gautier was killed by a scorpion sting

but now I'm back cuz i raised from the death

just to bust you, so bust this shit !!!


The Lyrical Butcher
Joined:Sat May 10, 2003 7:48 pm

Mon Jul 21, 2003 6:15 pm

......... :? ......i damn well kno i flushed this turd long time ago....

...wait.... :twisted: ......oh yeah....haha...i roasted this [email protected] under

mine's and phenox's battle :P ..fukin waste of watch

that cum dumpster of yours or i might jus hav to break that glass

jaw once again.......

CAS'DEE (Cas Territory)



like C-Walkin, while rockin a PINK shirt in a cript neighbour hood

-The Lyrical Butcher-
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Mon Jul 21, 2003 10:13 pm

if you wanna battle, post a thread but don't sneak around here... bitch
Junior Member
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Tue Jul 22, 2003 3:07 pm

Positioning myself, I’m standing here, knowing were intending to do some batta'ling,

Like when I left you’re sister, & dealing with your MOTHER was hardcore,

I was not IN-tending on breaking the LAW, but I still haven’t apologised for BREAKING her jaw,

You’re a "swine", acting like a selfish "pig", you’re self-centred, whilst I’m other-centred,

I’ll "teach" you life long "learning" from cradle to grave, coz your short-lived,

My "knowledge" speaks, if you had "wisdom" you would listen, I’ve now ended your existence,

Giving you "innovation", proving your "originality", & confusing your reality,

Stopping your elevation, like a fault in an elevator, chewing you up like I’m an alligator,

I’m picture perfect like on the front of your news-paper, I’ll “punch” you as if I was a “stapler”,

I’m “digging” you so hard like I’m sending you “deep” into the equatour,

I’ve knocked you’re "lights out", now your screaming “gimme the light” like Shawn Paul,

My attitude out-weighs your education & skills, like a fat bitch you should be working tills,

You’ll have nothing ventured & nothing gained from this battle,

Like your "test results" they were marked un-graded, unlucky for you positive for "H.I.V",

Pitty now that you’ve joined the same team as me, the origin family,

You can now be Kings fancy queen, sorry if that sounds a bit mean, thats just me,

Let me "finish" this competition it should be enough to "end" your situation,

Im now a "star" & I give you permision to look me up in the "constellations"...
Junior Member
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Tue Jul 22, 2003 3:10 pm

^^^^that shit right theres how to battle...

thats from a recent battle i had...youve got word play....metaphores the whole works right american terms...just spittin that shit...if ur tryna promote african hip hop...keep it african...not american...ok pez
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