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Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:07 pm

Dude,i thought u was mo' than this men...why u fall ma hand?I mean i set the rules,spat a lil'and u thought i had done ma worst...shit nigga i didnt want to do this but u leave me no choice :evil:

Yo i put a red dot on ya forehead,make u look like an indian lady/

u messed up kid so am a spank ya silly ass like i would do 2 a nutty baby//

u wanna end da battle/yeah i can see why//

u'z not an M.C but a C.M/cowardly muthafucka//

u don made me gun butt ya/ma words'll cut ya//

i spits hot/brimestone/flames n fire//

wat da hell am so ablaze thats da devil himself calls me saya//(sir)

So thats whom u choose to come up against//

shit its a pity kiddy ur luck has changed//

from bad to really bad to the worst'o lucks//

in a nut shell dawg ur position sucks//

not as much as ur flow though/damn hommie yo//

ur in love with wackness like juliet and romeo//

you and lameness goes together like black on black//

like siayames twin stock on each other/back to back//

the only time i spit garbage is when i chew up cats like u n spit em out//

i aint done yo/but if u want mo/gimme a shout//

for now am out...fuck ...i no fit shout... :wink:

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