Nuthin really...jus jobless

Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Fri Feb 17, 2006 1:03 pm

Damn! nuthin 2 do, so i'll just do it freestyle about time too....i need a callout yall


CeeYa's come a long way from doing this rap,

lyrics he neva lacked, complexity stayed hard,

but i met d soft ones though,

Weak cats,baby food like Cerelac,

best behave when i roll thru, not on G-units budget,

but still show u how we do,when i cometh,

sucker mc's front at clubs with d same bottle of brew,

street 2 star but not d show type,d unsigned type,.

smoke puffin like exhaust pipes,kill d mainstream hype,

squeeze a litle PHAT in between lines, diet aint health then,

read d signs,i got this rap shit mastered down to a science,

scot- free after a couple of crimes,

lipo(movin) weight,possesion,statutory defence i plea my rymes,

ink bleed them rymes,write virus codes dat may jus feed me sumtime,

plan 2 expand 2 d pimp game,take aim ,at cats who stake claim

on my block gangsta or not,

i dont give a fuck,when prewit lines ur crew reciting,

jus had 2 remind u were wolves like d lychens,

sheepskin jackets,fur hats, its camoufladge bitch!

Hoodrich dont mean shit,

dat bling could dissapear, cos i know a couple of fences,

break bread wit them and d cash buys me a couple of blessings,

aint afraid 2 rob d next man of his property,

cos d game if fucked up and i aint eatin properly,disorderly,

son of a beer bottle,daddy was drunk half my life so cash was my role model,

Naija raised me on extortion,teachers had 2 pay me 2 o on excursions,

Africa's nightmare,O.A.U's impression of hell is here,

Rep purple Haze city,dark and gritty,townsville,

powerpuff girls auctioned of to peadophiles,

potrait shot of me in agent mulders x files...

tortured in class 4 gettin into rubberband fights

Dead Poet was right,

CeeYA defeacate saliva and spit shit,

dat leave cats styles smelly when their hit with, dat sars infected ptayalin................................ahhhhh shit my arms are killin me.....................dis was supposed to be a short text though...wonder if this freestyle is suitable 4 my mixtape....cats holla!
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Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:37 pm

Hell yeah/i see ya/at da bottom'o the food chain//

wack cats dont even wanna be ya/they like"shit da kid is so lame"//

yeah i burn like propane/spit acid when i spit rhymes//

split spines/spit some mo'/shit i spit power lines//

u want a call out,u got ur self a hand full dawg...holla back :wink:

Joined:Sat Dec 17, 2005 2:37 pm

Sat Feb 18, 2006 2:08 pm

Yo set up a thread and spit first i got recordings to do......i'll check in on tuesday....dont dissapoint me men....and bring dat heat.
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