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Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 3:08 am
lo lo is so fake, dat her freestyle structures are put together like Lee-press-on)

Im ya worse threat since 2 second trigger pullz from Clappin gunnz)

ya braggin about ya " nubee accomplishes " dats rated for AMETURES CAPABLE)

Iv tooken ya braggin rights, & broken'em down to the smallest FAIRYTALE fable :lol:

I MUST ADMIT YA HOT SHIT!, when ya spit Diahrreha from ya cliterus :oops:

ya got crabz on surfboards performing hangTime~ escapin ya nasty stinch :wink:

Lo lo is harmorphadite trash dat I castrated & dump in a hill of BIRTH DEFECT carnage :twisted:

LO low's a Nursery Rhymin Princess, dats sufferin Queen Size Damage)

Im from da US in a nation of ORIGINATORS, ya jest a passported carbon copy )

when ya STAR-DOOM is open, exposed, & flawed! ~ all spotlights will DIMMED from a nubee)

i got my eye on ya......IT'S ON :P


Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:55 pm
by Lo Lo
i got my eye on ya......IT'S ON :P
Wat r u gay or something, or is it coz I chopped u a while back and u looking for a chance to get me wit my back facin u, fuckin coward!!

Ur real stupid Man!!! :roll: