Nkosi n Nasty Nash Holla back

Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Joined:Tue Jan 29, 2002 8:01 am

Wed Apr 30, 2003 11:06 am

Yal still out there?

Yal know ya wanna holla

Nasty ass wankers come get your ass ripped ya heard.

time to show all yal fake ass niggas what hip hop is all about

Be very afraid

Twiss Em All is back.

Been a long time. The Twiss season is back.

Holla back!
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Joined:Tue Jan 29, 2002 8:01 am

Fri May 02, 2003 8:49 am

Alright listen//

I c ur ass needs some competition//

been a long time but let me start the remenicing//

I remember kids like u // Rappin cos u think ur cool//

You don't wanna start wit me horse, i'll make u look like a fool//

I won't even write a practise verse to start of with u//

shit , i don't even know why i'm sitting here talkin to u//

but let me tell u something// ur about to get an ass crushin//

u think u rhyme but u flow like water i a toilet flushin//

i never thought i'd ever battle a sucker MC//

Too many punks in this place tryin to be like me//

do u rhyme in a pool man?,, cos u sound really shallow//

I won't even ask ur sorry ass to reply me tomorrow//

take all the time you need// I hate to see a nigga plead//

If i didn't, I'd make u lick my ass hole till it was sweet!//

Not that it'd bother you much cos I know you//

Nigga u lick for a living, plus u suck dick too!//

kid this aint my style, i don't battle amatuers//

If I continued we'd need to call the paramedics to come carry ya...!
Joined:Thu May 01, 2003 7:55 pm

Fri May 02, 2003 9:34 pm

how long it took ur bitchass 2 come up wi' dis sucker? /

dick sucker ... like Pam, with ur bitch voice like Chris Tucker /

1 shot'll send ur ass 2 paradise, "Cool J" typ'a lip sucker /

i rep Queensbridge where every nigga is a brickpacker / hip-tucker /

a place where i can barter u wit a bat or barter u for opium /

ur flowz need 2 be enhanced 4 dis war like plutonium /

shut ur 4kin ass up n battle the little ones ...Tswiss-m /

i can see the bitch in u like i see thru a glass prism /

u lacks rythm / u couldn't blow up if u dropped in Baghdad /

ma rap is some real shit, so wipe da shit out ur ass n wrap that /

i'm unconscious wi' flows, da boss in dis verbal jurisdiction /

Call me da "King", i expose fake characters who drool wi' "fiction" /

who u bitchin? / clown ass nigga, nobody wanna be u /

u a scrub / in the club / bitches chuckle when they see u /

ur da 8th seed so i keep ma "A" game n bring ma "T" game /

and i still tie u up like Latrel braids tigten'd at a Spree game /

u spit wi' no metaphors / plus ur style got mega flaws /

i make u "Fall" in Spring like how summer price'o leather falls /

bitchnigga i checked ur profile n u in Australia ? /

It's a wrap mutha4ka, u couldn't "Jack" dis "son" 2 hell if ur Mahalia /

Twiss ... lisen here. bow down 2 a force greater than u .. trick!! but like i said, i dont discrimitate against wack emcees. ey'body gets what they ask 4, progressively though!! biaaaaatchhh . . ..

I'm gettin green like I'm supposed to .... I holla at these hoes and see how many I can go thru
Joined:Thu May 01, 2003 7:55 pm

Fri May 02, 2003 9:35 pm

rispek to Hekima . . . u know i got a loud mouth when when it's all said n done, its all love b.

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