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Fri Feb 08, 2002 9:24 am

my real name is actually samson, born and raised in between mwanza and dar es

salaam until i was 11 than moved here(cali) and i jus moved to miami three months ago. u?
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Fri Feb 08, 2002 10:15 am

This goes out to Nkosi, tarzanite ( more like tar n granite), and nasty


All yall niggas aint shit!

you rhym like your mouths are full o' dick

you call yourselves Black yet

you know you really whack

Tired ass niggaz tryin to act all tyt

You so lame niggas, shit suck my behind!

and Saw you the

other day zonin wit your chicks

wit faces so long, nigga I thot she was dick,

she had brown hair; black lips fat


small butt, yet u think she be fair!!

so c'mon and get a piece o this, late nite wanker;

you know, the one dat

suck dick like yow mama!
Nashty Nash
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Fri Feb 08, 2002 11:58 am

I was tired of da word play this is just straight up lyrics. I'm just preachin

it dis time around.

Tendi watch your mouth or get squeezed like a teddy//don't step in da ring wit me - you ain't close

ta ready//like rodney king I swear this beating will be steady//and I put money on it - ya response will be petty//callin out

three niggas? - you askin to get jumped//Nkosi and Tanzanite leavin ya frail body slumped//and leavin Nash to get da frail

body dumped//youse feminine dog - wit size 36 tits-times-three//I don't rhyme the flow - my sick spit-rhymes-me//ya

risk-ta-bleed//like a commercial for Brisk-da-tea//Imma bloody you up//bloody ya gut//muddy dis mutt//nigga gargle dis

nutt//you should bargain ya diss shut//I'm hittin ya softly - these are hardly punchlines//but my verses hunger to devour

like somali lunchlines//nigga what you doin - do you know who I am?//ask 'em and you'll find dat its tru I slam//leavin ya

red and blue confusin you fa Sam//tru MCs give props ta Nash always//I'm open to battlin challengers like hallways//I may

move on - my hunger ta brawl-all-stays//f*ck da critics - I stall-all-nays//I would spit at Tanzanite just to remain

undefeated//when I wrote his rhyme I wasn't even heated//like I am now//yous a damn cow//I'll push u over if ya rhymes is

sleep//I was shallow last time this time its steep//dis is for all ya'll cats that doubted my arrival//re-routed yourselves

scared to be a-rival//I battled D.O.P.E when I first stepped up//then Agrik gave me props - and raised my repp up//then Tanz

admitted that I tore his chest up//H-I-V can't even respond scard ta fess up//and with only like 4 lines each I tore da rest

up// -- Niggas

You still know.....

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by: Nash ]
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Fri Feb 08, 2002 9:54 pm

tendironi u phony dog. go get a day job or sumpin. if u could respond wit sumpin

doper than what im bout to spit at u, and have peeps agree...than ill consider battlin u...aight? untill then...good


I'll finish this culprit, who spits all his bull shit/

I'm bettin this fool quits the minute his skull splits/

And with gigantic wrists you still can't handle this/

The champion hits and implants and lands verbal fists/


murderer gets worse in the 3rd offense/

A turn of events HURTS with the words and wits/

I beat the sense out of your weak


And you'll need ya friends the minute the heat's intense/

Cuz my cerebral's - deadly and it's lethal/


evil, it'll crash a whole plane full of people/

It's practical my tactical words send you back to school/

Smack the

drool out your mouth, when you act a fool/

React, and get smacked as hard as you act/

Adapt to the fact that you're

beyond being wack/

Infact, your ridiculous why'd you even get into this/

You're like syphilis bitch your making me sick

of this/

Listen to me tenderonie u fony,mothafucka hooked on phonics,

I caint see you like phone sex, ill put a lump on ur

dome like coneheads.

keep ya hands on the cursor/

Or press the backspace to reverse all the words ya/

Attempt to jot

down, which will only get shot down/

Just save yourself the trouble and turn your computer off now/

im out

PS:im gettin

free dough from these flows, ur rhymes are corny like fritos.
Nashty Nash
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Sat Feb 09, 2002 10:48 am

aiight -- well my name is Tinashe but I got by Eugene as well. I just made 18

-- born in Zimbabwe moved here at age 10 -- been back there like twice only -- but I plan to make more trips. Whats ya

Nashty Nash
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Mon Feb 11, 2002 1:07 pm

Aiight -- should I say that you took the last one? Well I know by postin this

one -- I've already won...its short and potent -- like a venom. Thinkin yous on tha top?! Nigga


Don’t challenge Tanz - you don't even know me//dumb cats always tryin ta show me//my rhymes is

“Great” like Tony//and I “Play-” radio “-stations” like Sony//I'm a lethal gas so

don’t start ta breathe - homie//the government clones me//ta search - they roam seas//ta make the perfect black army

of men//all they need is a black army of ten//ya’ll can’t harm-me like Zen//thats a Buddist teaching of passive

action//you practicing that while I’m smackin ya- shins//see how long you’ll last once tha gun blows//I

don’t prepare nothin dis nigga just goes//dis nigga just flows//ta da beat in his viens//so natural I go ta da beat of

da rain//da heat is ta blame//Nash has a reap in his name//watchin you slumber right there e-ternally//"lying you down" like

you was in an "in-firmary"//for every one - Im hurlin three//shots in a fight where you lost all your teeth// knocked all da

way ‘cross tha street//I’m da boss of beats//and I stocks da heat//in meatlockers//like mob gangstas//come and

mob ‘gainst us//and get battered down//and get splattered clown//turn ya into a big fat vat-a-brown//dress ya up

calling ya Vana Brown - rather than Vana White//plan ta fight//grabbin ya left foot so you’ll be standin

“right”//I spits ish that make ya ear drums pop//leavin ya broke can’t even hear bums talk//near where ya

mum parks//I

clear lumped sparks//Ya feet are too long my verses are hemin ‘em//I’ve got more hate lyrics in

this than Eminem//I’m at that door dog - g’head lemme-in//this battle is just penny thing//cause it ain’t

worth ish to me//its just like a giz to be//or not to be -like Shakespeare’s Act 3//you gotta have heart to see//that

I’m tha greatest there ever was//my rhymes is clever cuz//N-A-S-H

severs the buzz//

Don't tell me you don't


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Nashty Nash
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Mon Feb 11, 2002 11:55 pm

Ayo Tanz where ya at nigga? -- lets show 'em how its done once again.
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Tue Feb 12, 2002 2:22 am

u wanna get it crackin agin? me vs u tie breaker or we startin all ova agin?
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